The TÖMER Exam, as one of the most prestigious Turkish language courses in Istanbul, is a major prerequisite for entry into Turkish state and Turkish language universities. Tomer is considered an acronym for Istanbul Turkish Language Learning Center, and Tomer exam, such as the TOEFL and IELTS English language certificates, is of great importance for studying in Turkey and entering universities in the country.The TÖMER Exam has several levels from A1 to C1 level and the sum of your marks in this test will indicate your level in Turkish Turkish. The Turkish language course and the Tummer test consist of 2 levels, including 2 beginner levels, 2 intermediate levels, and 2 advanced levels.

Class Schedule and TÖMER Exam

Each level of tumor classes is held in eight weeks (2 hours). Classes usually take place 2 hours in the morning or in the afternoon and in the end, students are allowed to obtain a formal and credentialed degree, with a total of 2 weeks and a total of 2 hours of language classes and completion of the final exam.

At the end of each level of the Turkish language test, students are assessed through performance assessment or a final exam that includes the four basic skills of listening comprehension, reading comprehension, spoken and written comprehension, and lateral grammar skills.

According to the Ankara Tomer Test official website, Turkish language courses in Istanbul are offered either in intensive (1 month, 2 hour) or regular (6 month, 2 hour) courses. It should be noted that, like studying in Canada or studying in Germany, Turkey also has a Turkish language qualification required for admission to its universities and at least the TOMER B1 level is required by the rules of the relevant university admission department.

Types of evidence and Tomer test


Tomer holds four Elementary Certificate, Intermediate Certificate, Upper-Intermediate Certificate, Diploma degrees, two of which are issued for primary and intermediate levels and the next two for upper-intermediate and advanced levels.

At the end of each course, the student is required to pass the final exam of the said course to advance to a higher level; the final exam at the end of each Istanbul Turkish language course is taken to assess the four basic language skills of the student at each level and the If one is not able to pass one of those proficiency levels, he / she will be required to take the compensatory exam and will be required to complete the course if he / she fails in more than one Turkish language skill.

Accordingly, the details of the various Turkish language courses or the Tomer test are as follows:

Course Book Document Exam European equivalent standard Level
New Hitit1 1.2.3. Units No No A1 ELEMENTARY1
New Hitit1 4.5.6. Units No No A1 ELEMENTARY ۲
New Hitit1 7.8.9. Units No No A2 ELEMENTARY ۳
New Hitit1 10.11.12. Units Elementary Certificate Yes A2 ELEMENTARY ۴
New Hitit2 1.2.3. Units No No B1 INTERMEDIATE ۱
New Hitit2 4.5.6. Units No No B1 INTERMEDIATE ۲
New Hitit2 7.8.9. Units No No B1 INTERMEDIATE ۳
New Hitit2 10.11.12. Units Intermediate Certificate Yes B1 INTERMEDIATE ۴
New Hitit3 1.2.3. Units No No B2 UPPER INTERMEDIATE ۱
New Hitit3 4.5.6. Units Upper-Intermediate Certificate Yes B2 UPPER INTERMEDIATE ۲
New Hitit3 7.8.9. Units No No C1 UPPER INTERMEDIATE ۳
New Hitit3 10.11.12. Units Diploma Yes C1 UPPER INTERMEDIATE ۴

According to the table above, applicants attending A1 Level Tumor Classes have the general ability to communicate and handle simple questions and answers, at A2 level they have basic language skills and the ability to speak easily and predictably Students passing the B1 and B2 levels of the Tumor Exam respectively have Turkish language proficiency to deal with everyday situations and appropriate knowledge to describe different subjects and finally, passing the C1 level and receiving a Tumor diploma, have Turkish language proficiency to continue their education. At different academic levels and the ability to enter the Turkish labor market as well as interact with colleagues and employers.

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