Features of Havaist Buses for transferring tourists to Istanbul’s new airport

Redirecting Istanbul flights from Ataturk Airport to the new airport and a long distance from Istanbul downtown has made travelers and tourists worried about being transported to and from the airport.with its well-developed urban transport infrastructure, now has an airport that is very close to the city center and its tourist centers. If you plan to travel from the new Istanbul airport to the Asian part of the city, this would be a considerable distance. The expensive Istanbul cabs now make travelers worried about the cost and the cost of traveling to the new Istanbul airport or vice versa.

While Ataturk Airport was about 30 minutes from the famous Taksim Square, the new Istanbul Airport is about an hour’s drive away. Istanbul has launched its own special bus service, while transferring all flights from Ataturk Airport to the new Istanbul airport.The Havaist Buses, which feature routes between Istanbul’s new airport and the city, are large buses with special facilities. Istanbul city managers have been trying to ease the concerns of tourists for airport transportation in Istanbul by launching this special bus line. These special buses operate on a specific schedule between the airport and the city. Buses are equipped with Internet access and destination markers so travelers unfamiliar with Istanbul can easily find their destination.

Price and bus route to the new Istanbul airport

Certainly one of the most important issues that occupy the mind of a traveler on any foreign trip is how to get to the hotel and downtown after getting off the plane. One of the most popular foreign destinations among Iranians is Istanbul, Turkey. Given that the city’s new airport was inaugurated last year, this article examines ways to access Istanbul’s new airport to the city center.

Istanbul’s new airport is located in the European part of the Black Sea and is 40 km from the split square.

The following methods can be used to travel the new Istanbul airport to different parts of the city:

  • Havaist Buses
  • Hotel Shuttle
  • Private shuttle bus
  • Use a taxi
  • Use of public transport

A new shuttle service to Istanbul’s new airport, Havaist, which is a transit shuttle, is one of the best options to reach different parts of the city. The company has used the Euro 6 car along this route. These buses, which have high amenities including Wi-fi and TV MOVIE, take about an hour and a half to reach their final destination. These buses are priced from 12.00TL to 24.00TL and are very affordable. The Havaist service transfers passengers to 20 locations around the city. The intentions of these shuttles are clear and the intentions can be seen on them. But if you can’t find the bus to your destination for whatever reason, get help from the drivers. You should do this on paper, especially if you are not fluent in Turkish.

These buses run approximately 80 minutes between the airport and Taksim Square, and cost about 18TL You can see the bus routes from the city to the airport and vice versa by visiting the Havaist Buses website or installing the havaist app from the appstore and the Playstore.

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