Many people who own property in Turkey do not have a permanent residence there. This means that for a long period of absence, there is no cost to maintain the building, including a monthly charge or the possibility of demolishing part of the home for the property owner. The best and most cost-effective way to deal with such issues is to rent a property in the months leading up to leaving the country. Of course, this solution can be frightening to some homeowners and the hassle of renting out their home. Issues such as finding the right tenant and trusting him or her, potential damage to property and other costs often convince them to keep their home empty for even a year, despite all the difficulties. But it’s interesting to know that all of these problems and problems are easily solved. You just have to know how to act in these situations. Follow us on to learn more about the process and process of renting a property in Turkey.

How is a property rental in Turkey?

Property prices in Turkey are set by the government and remain constant throughout the year, with approximately 10% added at the beginning of each year. Of course, if the rent is in dollars or euros, that amount will remain the same. There is no such thing as mortgages like Iran, and only two or three months’ rent is payable to the landlord. The amount of rent your property depends on what neighborhood you are in.

Long term rentals: If you want to rent your property for a long time, it is best to get renters for 6 months and get yourself less involved in such accounts. If your rent is more than £ 500 a month, the payments must be made by the bank, making it easy to keep track of this payment. It is best to seek out a lawyer or a real estate agent for a long-term rental of your home and property, especially if you do not have your own residence. Sometimes long-term tenants can be problematic at times and you will need a legal representative in Turkey.

Short-term rentals: After 2016, there is a law to register the names of short-term renters in Turkey. The law requires that their names be registered in the GIYKIMBIL system to allow for greater control by the government and by the original owners. As an owner, you must obtain permission to access this software from the nearest sheriff’s home. The person who receives the password will be legally responsible for sending the tenants name. If you have leased your property to leasing companies and real estate agencies, be sure to close the contract and make them responsible for registering the names of all tenants. Failure to do so will result in a fine of 700 liras per day, and police will regularly monitor the activity of all homes. It should be noted, however, that you can only get this password if you have a permit to work in Turkey, otherwise you will be responsible for leasing companies and real estate management agencies.

How to rent your property?

First you need to set up your home rental contract in the best possible way. In Turkey, it is your contract that speaks first and many rights are in the owner’s interest rather than the tenant’s. For example, you can insure your home against any damage the tenant can bring to your home. Simply mention this in the contract and the tenant will be responsible for all such damages. You should list all possible issues and problems in the contract. If your contract is not well adjusted, you may even have problems with obvious issues such as renting, evacuating and paying your bills. In fact, there is only one good and proper contract that can guarantee you the benefit of renting and keeping the property vacant. Otherwise you may even suffer losses. You can set up your own contract by searching and looking at other contracts yourself, but it is better and more secure to consult with a trusted real estate consultant and have your contract set up.

اجاره خانه در استانبول

Don’t worry about the cost of real estate companies renting property in Turkey. The services of such companies are often cheap, and generally ensuring that the contract is guaranteed and profit guaranteed is a commodity you buy at a price that can be profitable. In addition, most real estate companies will also be responsible for managing your home when you leave Turkey, and you will be comfortable in that regard. In fact, you can leave things to them, such as guaranteeing the payment of rent and bills and sending it to your account and evicting the previous tenant and finding a new tenant. It is interesting to know that some of these companies charge monthly rentals even when your home is vacant and the company is unable to find new tenants.

Of course, with these interpretations, the cost of hiring a real estate consultant for these issues is by no means affordable to some. On the other hand, finding a good and trusted agency is another problem that even equates to the trouble of finding a tenant and setting up a contract. There are many fraudsters among them, who may rent your house to tourists on a daily basis and get a lot of money but only deposit the amount mentioned in the contract into your account. Being trusted by the real estate company is another thing you need to be sure of.

You can only make the best decision based on your personal circumstances. If you are not staying in Turkey for a consecutive year and you do not know your friends and acquaintances to control the situation, it is not bad to seek help from one of these companies with all precautions. Otherwise, if you want to make the most out of your home rental and save money, it is advisable to find a tenant yourself and take charge of everything.

How can you find the best real estate agency?

First you need to find a few questions for yourself.

قیمت خانه اجاره در ترکیه

Is your chosen agency going to be Turkish or Iranian? Check out the backgrounds and experience of these companies. If you have deposited your property with one of the Turkish real estate agents for rent, they will often contract with you to control the conditions and manage the rented property. Rely on the advice of people who have had this experience. Prefer this information from outsiders.
Is the contract that the company and the agency signs with you a good one? In a proper contract, you will be entitled to see all evidence of your property rental activity. For example, there must be evidence of who paid the bills in the name of the lease and when and on what account. You should check and verify these documents at any time. Be sure to check with your lawyer and if you are fluent in Turkish, take on the responsibility yourself.

Is your property popular? If your property is located in a tourist or popular area, avoid giving it to a real estate consultant. Most of them will rent your property daily and make money from your property.

What advertising agency does the agency have?

Be sure to take a look at previous sample ads for this agency’s real estate. Poor advertising can prevent you from renting your property.

You can also do things like:

Call your property in a short period of time and check who picks up the phone and write down their details and gain control of the situation if you disagree with the agency’s specifications.

If you are familiar with them, ask them to review the documents in person and make sure they are authentic or intrusive, and make sure the situation is correct. In addition, you can forward a friend as a client and monitor the agency’s dealings and conditions.

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