Work permit in Turkey

Permission to work in Turkey or in the Turkish word Chalishma Eisen, is the permit you must have to work in Turkey. Otherwise, you will not only be recognized as an illegal worker and threaten to be expelled from your country at any time, without any work experience, insurance or even legal residence. You need a license or work permit in Turkey for work, residency, as well as insurance and legal rights.

What is a work permit in Turkey?

The work permit is the permit issued by the government for you to work in Turkey. With this license, you can work in this country easily and with all your legal rights just like a Turkish employee. Your legal benefits include insurance, retirement, leave, as well as residence and passports after 5 years of permanent residence.You can apply for work permits in three ways

Finding an employer in Iran

If you have not yet traveled to Turkey, you can find an employer in Iran or on your own or through the consulate. In fact, what you need to do to get a work permit in Turkey is to find an employer. This employer can hire you if you need someone with your expertise and advertisements in many newspapers and no one from Turkey is volunteering or suitable for the job. The employment is that the person is applying for a work permit and visa for you. If the relevant authorities agree with your employment, you can obtain a permit to travel to Turkey from the embassy and close your luggage and travel to Turkey.

Don’t forget that this is the answer for a few, and you will find at least one Iranian working in Turkey who has been able to earn a living in this way, and most people in Turkey have found a suitable job.

Find an employer in Turkey

Another way you can apply for a work permit is to first enter Turkey with a tourist visa and look for a suitable job. If you are interviewed and your employer finds you fit for the job, the employer will ask you for a work permit if no one is or is not eligible for the job in Turkey. This permission is often issued within 2 days by the Ministry of Labor. In fact, the employer must be able to convince the Ministry of Labor that someone else with this expertise is not fit for the job and needs you. This work permit will be issued for one year. You will then be allowed to work for another two years if your employer is satisfied with you and has no qualifications. After 5 years of full-time work in Turkey, you can apply for Turkish citizenship with special conditions and obtain a Turkish passport. In addition, you will have insurance as well as retirement benefits.

Keep in mind, however, that since your employer’s insurance rate is higher than the insurance rate of a Turkish employer and your employer has to pay for insurance, most employers prefer to choose a Turkish person for that post.

Work permit for employer

If you want to be in Turkey and work in any field, you can apply for a work permit in Turkey and a residence permit. Note, however, that you must have at least 3 Turkish nationals in your employment and legally pay and insure them. Otherwise you will not be allowed to work and you will not be able to obtain a Turkish residence permit.

Required documents for obtaining a Turkish work visa

  • Residence prospectus
  • Residence card and passport
  • A snapshot
  • National Code of the Republic of Turkey (This code is issued by the Turkish Security Service for a foreign subsidiary)
  • Job Application and Job Offer Sheet
  • Job offer validity documents
  • Electronic application
  • Corporate authentication
  • Client email
  • Employer Government Code

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