Opening shop in Turkey

Opening shop in Turkey

Opening a store in Turkey is one of the ways to invest in Turkey that can be very lucrative and lead to bankruptcy for others. The fact that you can make good money from this issue depends entirely on your experience and the people who are with you along the way. Opening a shop in Turkey is also one of the ways to start a business in Turkey and you can easily open a shop in Turkey. If you would like to know more about this, you can choose to join us.

How to open a shop in Turkey?

Of course, starting any business and even opening a shop, which is the simplest and most familiar form of business, requires a series of legal steps. Especially if you want to open your own business in another country. It can be said that opening a shop in Turkey is by no means a difficult task and does not have many legal steps.

You can open a store in Turkey in three ways:

  • You can buy a person’s pre-opened shop and continue their business: this way you will have a lot of headaches and less difficulty. Just be careful about what the previous sale of that shop was and whether you would be interested in buying this business.

  • You can buy and become a representative of a reputable Turkish shop: This can be one of the safest methods available. You can get a one-night credit with your representation and then put all your efforts into not losing it. In other words, you just have to be a good dealer. Of course, a percentage of your sales will be owned by the original company, but in most cases the cost can be tricky.
  • You can start a business and business from scratch: This can be the most difficult. You must first determine the purpose of your investment and equip your shop with the most suitable goods and facilities. Then, by hiring a knowledgeable workforce, ensure your customer-centricity and properly advertise next. This method requires a lot of patience and experience and one cannot expect overnight profits.

Here are the steps to open a shop in Turkey:

1- First you need to choose a place to open a shop. Be sure to know where you are opening a shop and getting information from that area and assessing the market so that you do not lose.

2- You will then have to apply for a work permit as an employer and obtain a work permit from the Ministry of Labor

3- You need to get a tax number in Turkey based on where you live. Note that getting a tax number is a must, not just because it will work in many cases.
4- After receiving your tax number you should go to the tax office and get a certificate of registration for the company and submit the relevant financial statement.

5- You will then have to submit your application to the commercial organization in your city of residence and submit it to the Commercial Organization and print your company registration in business newspapers.

6- After these steps you must go to the municipality where you live with the following documents. If you do not have a municipality where you live, you should go to the governorate.

The documents required to apply to the municipality or governorship are as follows:

  • Tax registration certificate
  • Lease Shop Location
  • Verified list in the official document offices of those who have the right to sign
  • The business newspaper in which your company is registered
  • Completed form of tax return
  • Security clearance to prevent the municipality (this is obtained from the municipality itself)

Costs and things to remember about opening a shop in Turkey:

  • One of the most important things to open in Turkey is to discuss the budget. You need to know with what budget you start your business and how far you can go. If you can’t properly manage your budget, your business will soon be in bankruptcy.
  • It is very unlikely that you will find an empty shop in a crowded and crowded place, especially in big cities like Turkey. Most of these shops are occupied and have a lucrative business for their owners.
  • If you are successful in finding the right space to rent a store, you need to know that many factors can affect the price of the shop. Location, class, area, age of the building are issues that will affect the price of this shop.
  • Registering a company in Turkey is no time consuming and can take anywhere from 3 to a week.
  • It is a mandatory issue for any company in Turkey to have an accountant nominated by an employer.

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