Work Permit Law in 2020


Business residence in Turkey in 2020

Better to know about Turkey’s 2020 residency, Turkey has emerged as one of the most powerful economies in the world these days, and working for many in Turkey can promise a better future. For this reason, many people from all over the world, especially neighboring countries, are choosing this country as their workplace in the hope of finding a better future. On the other hand, obtaining a work permit in Turkey and working in Turkey is one of the ways to obtain a Turkish work permit.

In recent years, Turkey has been the 18th largest economic power in the world in terms of GDP. It owes much of its economic growth to the export sector and the use of modern industrial machinery to produce export products. It is interesting to note that 80% of the world’s hazelnuts are supplied by Turkey and hazelnuts are just one of hundreds of exports.

In addition, Turkey’s booming tourism generates a great deal of revenue each year and is recognized as the world’s sixth largest tourist destination. Construction, banking, electronics and home appliances, textiles and clothing are other industries in the country.

How to get a Turkish work permit?

First of all, you must apply for a work permit before you can obtain a Turkish work permit.

You can apply for this license both in Iran and in Turkey.

  • If you are in Iran, you should get a job offer from a Turkish company.
  • If you are in Turkey, you must have a valid residence card such as a tourist permit.

If you do not have any of these conditions do not worry. You can easily get one of these residences and apply for a job in Turkey. If you want to know how to get a work permit in Turkey specifically you can visit here.

You and your employer must submit different documents to the Ministry of Labor and Social Security to obtain a work permit.

The documents the employer must provide are as follows:

  • Work permit application form with the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs
  • Billing Form and Past Profit and Loss Approved by Tax Authorities

Documents the employee must provide:

  • Last grade point average
  • A translated version of the degree
  • A testimonial, certificate, and other evidence that proves one’s competence.


The steps for obtaining a work permit in Turkey are as follows:


  1. Apply online for a work permit from the employee and of course the employer to the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs
  2. Send required documents by employee and employer
  3. Delivery of all documents to the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs of Turkey only up to 6 days after submission of the application
  4. Examination of documents and application for work under Turkish Law 4817 by the Turkish Ministry of Labor and Social Security
  5. Apply online and in writing

have 30 days after you have been issued a work permit to apply for a Turkish work permit.

Required documents for applying for a work permit in Turkey:


  • Four pieces of biometric, full-color, 3-by-4 color photography
  • Passport
  • Copy photo pages, validity and last passport entry stamp
  • Original and Copy of Work Rental


Benefits of getting a working residence in Turkey:


  • After 8 years of consecutive work in Turkey, you will be able to get a long-term stay in Turkey and live in that country without worry.
  • After 4 years of permanent residence and official work in the country you can apply for a Turkish passport and citizenship.
  • Use of Turkish health insurance
  • Having international work experience and ability to use it in other countries to find work


How can I renew my work permit?

The work permit originally issued to you is only valid for one year. If you wish to continue working in Turkey, you must renew it two and a half months before the expiration of your license. Your license is renewable for 2 years and you can work in this country for another two years. After this period of two years, your license will be renewed for 3 years.

You can apply for permanent residence after 8 years of work and residence in the country.

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