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The internet in Turkey these days has become an integral part of human life and for some one of the basic necessities of life is access to the internet. Fortunately, Turkey is in a high position in this regard. Most public places in the country are equipped with free internet and WiFi, and this service will not be difficult or expensive to provide at home, and with an inexpensive and unlimited internet connection. Join us for more information on how the internet is in Turkey and how to make purchases.

What is the Internet like in Turkey?

In Turkey, the internet and telephone lines are completely separate. In fact, you do not need a telephone line to use the Internet or provide internet for your home.

Companies supplying and distributing Internet services in Turkey provide the infrastructure for Internet distribution whenever a building is built. Then whenever an Internet subscriber requests it, they are connected to a branch of that infrastructure and assigned a branch.

It has two major companies and 30 regional subsidiaries for home internet provision. It is best to use major companies to connect to the Internet, as using VPNs as well as external TV networks with regional companies’ Internet is a bit harder and slows you down.If you are constantly on the move, you can use packages tailor-made for you, and suspend your internet when you are not, so that you will not be charged and no one will use your internet.

Internet request in Turkey

To apply for the Internet you can go in person and solve all problems with one phone. The offices of internet service providers have offices all over Turkey and you can easily resolve your internet problem by contacting them. Some providers may require a residence card for you, but a residence card is not required to purchase an Internet subscription.

You can apply for Internet service in two ways:

  • Monthly service: This service is for those times when you are not in Turkey for a long time and you do not have much use. If you live in the country on a monthly basis and want to have internet for the same month, this method is recommended. Keep in mind that with this method and your monthly subscription you have to pay more each month and the costs increase on a monthly basis. In addition, you will be charged for the modem purchase. This method is only profitable if you have been in Turkey for only a few months and then leave the country. Even a monthly subscription is not recommended for city-to-city transfers.
  • Annual service: You can use the internet service for one or two years and purchase their subscription. Most people in Turkey use this method because it is both cheaper and you will pay less and you will receive a free modem.

If you have Internet access at home and want to move, you can contact the company to get your Internet connection. You can still use your previous subscription, even if your city changes during this shift.

What if we want to do internet in Turkey for a little while?

If you are a traveler in Turkey and do not plan to travel long, you may not have internet access and free internet and Wi-Fi at hotels, restaurants and bars. But if you are staying at home for the same amount of time you can use a mobile hot spot. Internet service providers ship this device to your location for free. At one point, 10 devices can be connected to a hot spot and the cost is calculated daily.

If the rental period exceeds 7 days, you will receive a 30% discount. Upon expiry of your stay, you can return the hot spot and return to your home country.


Leaving Telecom or TITNET is the most famous internet service provider in Turkey. The company is a subsidiary of Turk Telecom, Turkey’s largest provider of communications services. The company has the widest and longest fiber optic network, so if you ever have power cuts you will still have internet.

You can buy a two-year telegram package at an incredible price and an extra service. The internet is unlimited and there will be a TV package with English movies and documentary networks. You need a landline to register to leave the Internet. Just go to a branch of Telecom Leaving with your home document, passport and residence permit to call the hotline.

Super online

Super Online, a subsidiary of Turksel, is the second largest Internet provider in Turkey. The company’s Internet packages, though not as good as telecom, are successful and functional in their own right. The company provides customers with fiber internet and ADSL.

Other Internet service providers include Vodafone, De Smart, and Turknet.

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