Health insurance in Turkey

Foreigners can also be covered by health insurance in Turkey and pay all or part of their medical treatment through insurance. Foreigners applying for insurance have two options. One is public or state health insurance and the other is private health insurance. State insurance is for those foreigners who are insured or work in Turkey by investing and entrepreneurship and are insured by the employer. Otherwise, people should apply for private insurance. Below you can find out more about the conditions and benefits of private health insurance in Turkey.

What is Health Insurance in Turkey?

The law in Turkey specifically states that no citizen in Turkey should be uninsured and that all citizens should be able to access the health care of the country for free or at a much lower cost. This also applies to those who wish to stay in Turkey. It doesn’t really matter whether you intend to stay in Turkey permanently or temporarily; you will need insurance to obtain a residence permit in the country.

You have two ways to get insurance in Turkey:

  • Private insurance provided by private companies: You and your family can only be covered by insurance if you are resident in Turkey. In other words, if the principal insurer is present in Turkey as an employer or employee, he or she can use this insurance because it is only for employees in Turkey.
  • Private insurance provided by private companies: Most Iranians and other foreigners living in Turkey use this method to insure themselves and their families. In fact, this method covers all immigrants who have traveled to Turkey except for investment and work, and if you are one of them you should use private insurance.

What is private health insurance in Turkey like?

It is very easy to get private health insurance in Turkey. You go to one of the private insurance companies and check the premium rate and type of insurance services. It is best to compare the services of several companies as there are often differences between these companies and the existing packages and each company offers different services for a different reason. It is best for you to choose the insurance you want after reviewing the available conditions.

Most insurance, of course, works the same despite the differences.

Private insurances work with the monthly payment system, and people with monthly premiums can benefit from that insurance. People can go to all health organizations that are party to the insurance contract and get free or long term treatment. You can ask your insurance company which organizations have contracts with your insurance. Inpatient, outpatient and… treatments are usually covered by insurance Private health insurance in Turkey often covers treatments such as hospital services, organ transplants, dialysis, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, MRI, radiology and more.

Inpatient treatments

  • Hospital services including surgery, operating room, anesthesia, medicine, tests, MRI, computed tomography, radiology, etc.
  • Hospitalization services including room, bed, meals, mobile accommodation, etc.
  • Organ transplants include cornea,
  • kidney, pancreas, liver, heart, lung
  • Kidney lithotripsy with ultrasound and gamma radiation
  • Diagnostic examinations during hospitalization include microbiology, pathology, radiology
  • Postoperative Physiotherapy
  • Angio Cardiovascular
  • Chemotherapy
  • Radiotherapy
  • Dialysis
  • Short-term day-to-day treatments such as food poisoning, gypsum, burn treatment, sutures
  • Nasal surgery and surgery if the nose is injured during an accident
  • Construction of artificial organs in case of loss during accident and illness
  • intensive care
  • Disease prevention

Outpatient treatment

  • Doctor checkup
  • Diagnosis and diagnosis
  • Medicines
  • Physiotherapy and rehabilitation

Note that the services provided by private companies do not always include all of these and may sometimes be added, but under normal circumstances most insurers do not cover top services.

Note that you will only be covered by insurance coverage for your treatment if your illness or injury results from an accident or illness. For example, insurance does not cover the following:

  • If you have been injured or sick during the war, revolution, insurgency or internal disturbances.
  • If you have been injured or sick while committing a crime or trying to commit it.
  • Illness and injury after suicide
  • Injury during conflict and conflict is not covered by insurance except for self-defense.
  • Drug Abuse and Injuries

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