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Getting a taxi in Turkey is one of the challenges that both immigrants and tourists face. Getting a taxi in Turkey and transporting it can be a very difficult matter. You have to pay a lot of attention when taking a taxi in Turkey. For example, you should make sure the car has a front and rear seat belt. Otherwise the person who will be fined will be you and not the taxi driver. Or, for example, be sure that taxis are fitted with a taximeter, otherwise they may take any fare they like and that they are accustomed to earning more from tourists and foreigners. Sometimes the things you need to know about a taxi driver become so overwhelming that people find it difficult to use public transport. But you have to know that there is another way of using internet taxis in Turkey.

That way, you can be sure that your head is not a hat and your travel security is guaranteed. If there is a problem, there is someone to look into. Below you can find online taxi apps in Turkey.

BiTaksi, internet taxi in Turkey

BITAKSI or BITAKSI is one of the oldest in the internet taxi industry. In fact, the company covers most parts of Turkey and is perhaps the most popular internet taxi app in Turkey.

You can choose from one of the yellow taxis (economical choice), the blue taxi (luxury choice) and the van for the high number of people according to your needs and taste and enjoy your in-car transportation.

Earlier in Turkey, because of the presence of Uber, fewer people turned to Bitox, but with the use of Uber on Turkish soil, the company became the first choice for people.

Benefits of Bitaksi:

  • Having cheap taxis as well as luxury cars for different people with different financial status and tastes.
  • Cheaper than city taxis
  • Ability to know the price before choosing a taxi
  • Ability to send travel information to friends
  • Various discounts and convenience
  • App support in English
  • Simple interface
  • Operating in 90% of Turkey’s provinces and active in major cities
  • High security and long dating
  • Intercity trips available
  • Dealing with immorality in drivers as well as passengersYou can visit here to find out more about other taxis or download the app for Android and iOS.

iTaxi, another internet taxi in Turkey

One of the strongest taxi rivals in Turkey is ITAKSI. But because it is not active in all the provinces of Turkey, ITAX cannot capture the breadth of bitoxis. However, it can be said that Itaxi has focused on attracting tourists to tourist cities. The price of iTax taxis is cheaper than that of Bitox.

This app covers 4 types of taxis. Yellow (economical), blue (semi-luxury), luxury taxis and van, of course, are among the many choices you can make depending on your budget and location.

The iTax is managed by the Turkish municipality and you can rest assured its security. On the other hand, all accidents are recorded in the car. You can even pay your car rental in Istanbul with Istanbul. But the problem with this taxi is that it is not possible to cancel the trip and you have to pay a percentage of the fare anyway.

More information on ITAXI can be found at ITAKSI. You can also have this app on Android and iOS on your mobile phone.

Gat Transfer, another option among internet taxis in Turkey

One of the most exciting and exciting taxi apps in Turkey is GET TRANSFER. GET TRANSFER is an international internet taxi that offers incredible features including the world’s first air taxi. These services can be very exciting despite being expensive. Gat Transfers offers 9 types of taxis to its customers.

  • Economical or economical taxi
  • Taxi Premium
  • Business or Taxi Taxi
  • Luxury or luxury taxi
  • Long Chassis Taxi
  • Van
  • Minibus
  • Bus
  • Air taxi or helicopter

If you use taxis on this app don’t expect yellow and blue taxis like other companies. In fact, the only thing that can assure you that you are mounted correctly is the GET TRANSFER logo on the door.

It can be said that the experience of using GET TRANSFER is equivalent to renting a car and driving at the same time, except that you do not pay more than other internet taxis in Turkey.

You can visit here to learn more about Gat Transfer Services.


 UBER has arrived from Turkey to the United States. Everything was going well for this app until it was revoked due to numerous infringements of Uber’s license in Turkey. Of course, it’s still ringing around in the name of Uber, because the taxi and app are still operating illegally. If you do not want to take any risks, do not use Uber. However, the Ober machines are often more luxurious than other apps, and at a lower price. But in any case, if you are arrested, you will be fined for using Ober.

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