Studying children in Turkey

Studying Children in Turkey and Determining the Process and Conditions of Studying Children is an issue that is most problematic when your children are unfamiliar with the culture, especially the dialect and language of that country, and it is necessary to spend time in Turkey to master these two issues. . But the point is that it can take a long time to learn the language and culture of that country, so education and language learning in that country must take place in parallel.

Turkey is one of the countries that has solved this problem for Iranian immigrant families and has been considering a solution. As there are schools in the country called Iranian schools where families who live in the country for the first time and do not have enough knowledge of the culture and language of this country can go to these schools and by enrolling their children in these schools, they will Be educated in the Iranian educational system for two years. After your child has been educated in Iranian schools in Turkey for two years and has mastered both Turkish and English, he can easily enter international and Turkish schools.

In order to be able to enroll your child in these types of schools, you must submit all of their educational credentials to the relevant Department of Education seal. It should be noted that in order for your child to be able to attend these schools, he must have obtained a residence in Turkey. So it’s best to plan on getting a residence card before you move to Turkey. Since you are given an interview time to get a residence card two to three months after your first application and you have to wait a while for the interview, the best time to apply is in the spring. Because if you apply for a residence card in the spring, depending on the time required, you’ll be able to get one in the summer months so you can enroll in these schools in October.

Avalanche School

Ankara Iranian School

This Iranian school is located in the neighborhood of (Judge Osman Pasha) Ankara. The school has the opportunity for students of all levels to study and its educational system is based on the Iranian educational system.

Fajr School

Iranian School of Istanbul

The school is also located in Istanbul and has two branches. Its main branch is in the area (Sultan Ahmed) and the other branch is in Istanbul (Topkapi). The educational system of this school is fully in line with the Iranian educational system and has provided students with access to all elementary, middle and high school education.The annual tuition fees for elementary schools start at about $ 1 to $ 2, and increase to $ 4 for higher education levels.

As noted, enrolling in Iranian schools is appropriate if your child does not have sufficient command of the Turkish language, but otherwise, if you are fluent in Turkish, you can use other options for your child to continue in Turkey. do. One option is to enroll in public schools in Turkey. The positive thing about using this option is that your child will be able to study for free and you will not need to pay for it. Keep in mind that in order for your child to be able to attend these schools, all of his / her education and training records must be translated and equaled in Turkish in addition to having a residence card.Another less commonly accepted option for Iranians is enrollment in international private schools, the most popular being Doga Koleji and American Kultur. Teaching in these schools is in both Turkish and English, and our compatriots are less welcomed by higher tuition fees than other schools. These schools are at a higher level of quality than other schools, and some are taught in German, English and French with richer teaching methods and therefore have entrance exams. The annual tuition for these schools is between 1 and 2.

As noted, one of the requirements for enrollment in private and public schools in Turkey is to translate his / her education records into Turkish. There are two ways you can do this: 1- Go to the translation offices in Iran where you will have to go to the Turkish Embassy in Iran after you have translated your documents and have your translated documents approved by the Embassy. . Refer to the official Turkish translation and translation of your documents in the destination country, which will cost you less than the first.

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