Difference between Istanbul Asian and European

Istanbul is the only city in the world located on two continents. Part of Istanbul lies on the Continent of Europe and another part on the Continent of Asia. It is the largest city in Turkey and the fifth largest in the world and has a population of about 15 million. The city dates back to 700 BC and annually attracts many people for leisure and entertainment. But the city is well beyond a popular tourist destination. It is also one of the best cities in the world in terms of economy, production and trade. Certainly the European and Asian part of the city has differences

Difference between Istanbul Asian and European

Istanbul is a city built on 7 main hills, part of it in Europe and part in Asia. It is said that the original city of Istanbul was located only in the Asian part and it was started by Judge Cui. During the Roman and Ottoman times, the city expanded and reached Europe. However, if you are looking for the historic and ancient part of Istanbul you should search for it in the European part of Istanbul.

In general, the European part of Istanbul is more famous than the Asian part of it, with most embassies and government and tourism centers. However, if you are looking for more peace and quiet, maybe the Asian part is more appropriate for you.

The European and Asian parts of the city are connected by three bridges to the Bosphorus, Mohammad Fateh, Sultan Yavuz, and there are many alternatives to bus, subway, subway bus and ferry that you can use if needed.

It is interesting to know about commuting on the Bosphorus Bridge you do not need to pay for entry into the European sector but for the Asian part why.

Some Difference between Istanbul Asian and European


  • The Asian part of Istanbul is greener and quieter than the European part.
  • Old and original Istanbul families have often opted for the Asian part of life.
  • Asian neighborhoods are more indigenous and you can often find Istanbul life there.
  • In general, the Asian part of Istanbul is mostly Turkic and the European part is more welcoming to foreigners and tourists.
  • Istanbul’s most famous European street is Esteghlal Street, which divides into the famous and adventurous Square. Most of Istanbul’s monuments are in this area. The most famous street in the Asian section is Baghdad, which is one of the modern streets of Istanbul, but is actually one of the oldest streets in the city.
  • The European sector has a larger population.
  • The crime rate in the Asian sector is much lower than in the European sector.
  • In Europe, bus lines are twice as many as in Asia.
  • Appointment lines in the Asian sector are one and a half times larger.
  • The first Istanbul mosque, named after the Arab mosque, was built in the European part of Istanbul.
  • The first Turkish settlement is the Anadolu Fence and is located in the Asian part of Istanbul.
  • Beach resorts and the Asian coast in general are more spectacular and better than the European ones. However, if you are looking for a swim, choose the European section.
  • Marmara University is the only university in the world located on both continents.
  • The university’s main building is in the Asian section.
  • The Asian sector has more universities and academic environments.
  • In the European part, it is usually touristy and even crowded in terms of tourism.
  • The longest metro in Istanbul belongs to the Asian sector.
  • Most of the Turkish media, newspapers and magazines are located in the European sector.
  • Most of Istanbul’s famous and major shopping malls and shops, such as the Jewelers and Maloust Istanbul, are located in the European part of the city.
  • The Asian sector, of course, also has many shopping malls.
  • Hotels are often located in the European part.
  • The offices of most universities are in the European sector. Most of them, however, also have branches in the Asian sector.
    Most domestic flights are from Istanbul Asian Airport, Sabiha, and international flights to Europe.
  • Most commercial docks are located in the Asian sector.
  • Military schools in the Asian sector are larger than Europeans.
  • Sports centers and stadiums are mostly in the European sector.

Choosing one of these two areas to live in will be a difficult choice. Because not all Asian and European regions of Istanbul are the same, one can find neighborhoods that have properties that are contrary to what is said. To buy a property, it is best to look at the neighborhood and its features rather than being European or Asian. The neighborhoods of Judge Cove, Bakker Cove, Bebak, etc. are neighborhoods that can draw your attention to what you need and the amount you want to spend.

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