The difference live in Iran and Turkey

As you know, the difference between the culture and the people of Turkey and Iran is not great, but living in another country can be very difficult. The two countries are almost identical in culture and their people are very similar. However, there are differences in lifestyle from law enforcement to law enforcement, some of which will be quite evident.

Turkey, for example, is a freer country than Iran, but sometimes its people have imposed restrictions on their culture. For example, it is better not to go to some Istanbul neighborhoods with any cover! Apart from this, there are other things.

What is the main difference between living in Iran and Turkey?

Mortgages and home rentals

One of the most interesting things that illustrates the difference between living in Turkey and Iran is renting a home. In Turkey You do not need to pay big money to rent a house in Turkey. As a matter of fact, according to the Iranian dormitories, which receive almost two months ‘rent as a loan, in Turkey you only pay two months’ rent as cash and pay it back at the end of the contract.

If you rent a home, you may be able to get the money in front of you for 6 or 6 months, while in Iran there is very little furniture, and often money or non-furnished, high fees.

Thus, renting in Turkey is much easier and more cost effective than in Iran. Of course, if you wish to leave the property early, your money will not be refunded unless stated in the contract.

Different house plan and map

Most of us Iranians live in high-rise homes and very large reception areas, while in Turkey the high-rise houses are mostly villas. Or if the apartment is too expensive.

In fact, the middle class, and sometimes the affluent, do not have large homes and spacious apartments. The house model is different as well.

Home Architecture in Turkey

The architecture of Turkish buildings is simple and optimistic. It is less likely that a home will have interior decorations such as plaster. Even this has been observed in the building’s facade. The Turks do not care much about the luxury of buildings and prefer to focus on amenities. Another simple point to note is the very small number of detached villas and towers over 40 stories high.

Building amenities

Most projects do not have luxurious and luxurious facades, they do not care much about the facades of luxury and luxury, and more about home amenities. For example, there are many complexes, apartments and towers in Istanbul, all with pools, saunas, gymnasiums, Turkish baths, and so on.

Bills in Turkey

 In Turkey, if you are renting a home, you must have all the bills in your name and make sure that the previous owner or tenant has paid all the previous bills. In Iran, even after buying a home, people may not pay their bills. But the difference between living in Turkey and Iran here is that you have to name your water and electricity bill when renting. Of course, if you are in a building that has a central system, only the electricity bill will be in your name. The departments will also receive a deposit that will be returned to you after you leave home at the end of your contract.

Amount of renting a house in Turkey

 The rental price in Turkey is by no means high. That’s why fewer people use this method to make money. There is a legal rate for renting a home and people cannot rent or increase their rent every year.If you want to vacate a leased property before one year, it is customary not to repay the deposit. Unless otherwise specified in the Agreement.Even with the announcement of rising housing purchase rates, this is not considered a source of income for Turks. That is, they do not buy an apartment in order to make a living off the rent but because of the added value of the property. For this reason, the rental price is not high and it is reasonably priced. Every year, no one can arbitrarily raise the rent price and have the rate approved.In Turkey, real estate contracts are not stamped, so valid and legal stamps are only stamped on notaries (registrars).

Gas station in Turkey

In Turkey, gas stations do not give a person a gallon of gas. You can only gas your car. This is illegal even if you run out of gas. The only way to get it is to get a letter from the police or get the car to a gas station with a tow. Keep in mind that in Turkey no one gets off the car for gasoline, and this is entirely up to the gas station employee.

Laws in Turkey

Laws in Turkey are much tighter than Iran. For example, a truck carrying a crane in Turkey means that your car will be taken away with a crane a minute later, and it is not like Iran that would only happen on the days when the crane patrols.

Hospitals in Turkey

In Turkey, private hospitals are much more expensive than public hospitals. However, it is not like Iran to provide much better services. In fact, in terms of services, these two hospitals are not much different.

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