Extension of tourist accommodation in 2020


Extension of Turkish tourist residence in 2020

According to a new law introduced by the Turkish Migration Board, Extension of Turkish tourist residence in 2021 are much less likely to apply for a renewal and if the application is rejected, the person will only be able to re-apply for at least one year after the expiry of his / her tourist residence. Apply for this residence.

However, there are still ways you can extend your stay in Turkey. You can choose one of these methods and extend your stay depending on the cost you can incur and depending on your circumstances. It is natural that some of these methods are more expensive than others, but your situation may be more cost-effective than one.

Of course, this law has not yet begun its practical application, so it is not possible to speak with certainty about the ways to deal with it, since it can be much more rigorous and, in fact, much easier than written text.

What is the extension of Turkish tourist accommodation in 2020?

After the problems in Iraq and Syria, Turkey sought refuge in its own country. The influx of these immigrants, often at a low economic level, has caused many internal problems for Turkey. Turkey’s jobless rate rose in the process, and expatriate residence was costly for the government.

On the other hand, many Turkish immigrants have engaged in illegal activities in the black market with tourist accommodation. Occupations such as handicrafts in tourism centers or illegal workers. In addition, the existence of these illegal workers has encouraged Turkish employers to hire them at salaries far below the approved rate, and non-payment of premiums is another issue that makes employers want to hire more.

Seeing this situation, the Turkish government has passed a law that extends the tourist stay only if the person has sufficient reasons for staying in the country and there is no additional burden on Turkey.

In accordance with paragraph e of Article 1 of Law No 6458/31 on Foreign Nationals and International Protection, from January 1, 2020, foreign nationals may be granted tourist accommodation for one year. This law applies to all foreign nationals applying for a tourist permit in Turkey, except citizens of OECD countries, the European Union, the Russian Federation and the People’s Republic of China.

By law, extending a tourist stay will not be as easy as it used to be, and you can only apply for a residency one year after it expires.

But there are also ways that can help you increase your chances of staying longer and still be able to stay in the country without problems. It should be noted, of course, that these strategies do not guarantee you a Turkish tourist stay and only increase your chances.

Extending a tourist’s residence in Turkey is largely attributable to the applicant’s agent. He can decide who may need a tourist extension. So be sure to bring along enough reasons to extend your stay. Because the Turkish government has no intention of emigrating. In many cases, Turkish immigrants have made huge profits and capital from this country. The purpose of the law is to filter out immigrants and prevent future problems.

How can one increase the chances of extending Turkey’s tourist stay?

Enrollment in educational institutions

One of the ways we had previously recommended for staying in Turkey was to attend Tomer language classes. You can increase your chances of renewing your stay by enrolling in Turkish institutes of prestigious institutions. As this course often lasts a year, you can relax for a year in the country.

In addition to the Tomer language classes, formal enrollment in various art and technical classes and courses such as hairdressing, costume design, accounting or even sports can be a reason to extend your stay.

The cost of these courses usually starts from one thousand liras a term and may increase up to 4,000 liras. Longer periods will cost more.

University Enrollment

Another way is to enroll in college and get a residency, but since most private universities accept students without an entrance exam, there is a much higher fee. However, it would be easier for you to renew. But it would not be possible to get into these universities without having a valid language degree like Tomer or IELTS.

Attending graduate and doctoral degrees will be easier without entrance exams, but it can also be much harder to pass.

Changing tourist accommodation to education can be one of the surest ways, but often not the cheapest.

Child education

If a family has a young child, continuing their child’s education at school can be a good reason to extend this stay. It is, of course, best for the head of household to prove sufficient financial evidence and the need for false and illegal jobs.

Health issues

If a person’s family member is ill and his / her place of residence can be harmed physically, you can apply for a humanitarian residence and renew your tourist permit.

Buy property

Buying a property at any cost will be a very good reason to get your tourist accommodation in Turkey. You can buy small towns at very low rates and increase the chances of extending your stay. Please note that your residence permit will also be issued in the same area. This way you can be more confident in your country of residence by changing your residence to buying a property.

Buy land

Buying land can also be one of the ways to extend your stay. However, you must also provide your building permits, and if the land is not built for up to two years, the municipality can confiscate it in your favor.

Company registration

You can change your residence to something by registering a company and increase your chances of staying longer. Of course, while registering a company is not a costly activity, keeping it is very costly and is not recommended as a residence permit.

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