Freight to Turkey

How to ship to Turkey or Other Countries

Overseas freight services are divided into freight and cargo.


Cargoes to packing and handling services and freight forwarding such as goods overseas. Merchants and Businesses can use the service.

In fact, cargo services are the preparation and sending of cargoes for export and import. Everything you see on the market, from live animals to car parts can be transported by cargo freight between countries around the world.


This service is for customers who want to move their living equipment between countries. In fact, it is for personal use, not commercial use. Most customers of this service are people who want to migrate and want to move some of their livelihoods to the destination country. Therefore we recommend using this service to ship to Turkey

What are the freight routes to Turkey?

There are three methods of air, road transport and sea transportation to other countries. It is often the more common ground transportation to Turkey. If you are planning to move to this country, you must pack your belongings well so that they do not have trouble moving. You can also ask your service provider. But it will be cheaper and safer to do it yourself.

You must list the number of items before you pack and write in detail. Your product will often be up to 100 million insured. You can use private insurance if your belongings are worth more.

حمل بار به ترکیه

Air Transport

For commercial services or cargoes, air transport is often done with special aircraft. Large cargo planes, including Antonov and Iliushin, were built for this purpose.

But if you have chosen an airline to carry your luggage, most will do so by passenger aircraft. Of course, carrying a series of loads like a refrigerator by plane is prohibited. Unless you empty the refrigerator.

Airlines are recognized as one of the safest, most popular and most economical ways to carry cargo.

Road Transport

road transport has been one of the most popular ways of transporting cargo to and from Turkey. In fact, this method is mostly used in neighboring countries such as Turkey, Iraq, Armenia and…

In order to benefit from this service, you contract with one of the service providers. Keep in mind, first of all, that you need to do the research from sites and people because choosing the right freight is important in this way. The destination address can be any city from Turkey.

The process of sending your goods to Turkey by land will often take a week. You must be present in the country a few days before you can pick up the items. There are also other things to do. For example, go to the Central Police Department and get your last five-year commute to Turkey so you can clear the goods. You have to get another truck from the city customs to your home door.

Note that the burden must be on the name of the person who holds one of the types of residence in Turkey. In addition, it must have expired three months You cannot have any food, medicine, drugs in your belongings.
* All items should not be stuck.
* You must pay tax on audio and video equipment.
* The cost of shipping the city is higher because they will have to travel further, even though they are closer to the Turkish border, since they have to come to Tehran for customs clearance.

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