Trendyol is one of the most prestigious online stores in Turkey. Turkey is one of the most famous countries in the world in the field of clothing production and this site is known as the most popular and popular online shopping site. It is possible to Shopping from Trendyol online only from the site using the app because it does not have a physical branch. For more information about this site and how to buy Trendol, you can follow us.

What is Trendyol


By developing its textile industry and establishing world-class brands, Turkey has become one of the world’s leading apparel companies. So, in Iran, in the garment industry and in shops, there is talk of genuine Turkish origin. Trendyol, meanwhile, is a Turkish online clothing store selling more than 100 domestic and foreign brands.

The store is the number one clothing store in Turkey. This site is known for offering high quality and low price items and most of the world famous brands are present in this online store. Defecto, LC Waikiki, Koton, Puma, Adidas, Citizen, Zara and Mango are some of the brands that offer most of their products on this site.

This store is purely an online store and has no physical affiliates. The only way to shop from it is to buy from the site or app, and you can only access it in Turkey. All you need to buy Trendyl is to visit its site or install an app and sign up and then have a bank card in Turkey.Although the site has been rumored to sell clothing, you should know that in addition to clothing, you can also buy cosmetics, hygiene, electronics, sportswear and more. In other words, this site is one of the largest and largest retail sites in Turkey and its sales are not limited to clothing.

Demet mutlu founded this site in 2009. In 2018, Alibaba is said to have invested in the site, known as the Chinese e-commerce giant in the world. There is no further details on the investment, but experts have estimated the amount to be about $ 750 million.

Now with more than 15 million users, 2,000 stores and more than 100 million products, it is launching the Trendyl Mila brand, also known as the proprietary Trendyol brand.

What Are The Benefits And Disadvantages Of Buying Trendol


Benefits: You will have access to a wide and varied network of everything when buying from Trendyol. In the clothing branch, this network is more complete than most Turkish passages. You can buy for every member of the family of any gender, age and taste without leaving a single bit of your bed. Men’s, women’s, children’s clothing with any design and price will easily be found on this site with the best quality.

Another advantage of this site is that you can shop without restriction. You can even buy up to hundreds of pounds. Many stores and even Iranian sites buy their products from this site.

Disadvantages: One of the disadvantages of buying from this site and of course buying from any internet site selling clothing is that you cannot see and perceive clothing closely. Although there are acceptable quality photos for all aspects of clothing, there will be no Peruvian clothing.

Of course, since there is so much to change and even send clothes back from Trendol, there is no room for worry.

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