Buying a car in Turkey

Before buying a car in Turkey we should know:

There are many options for transportation in Turkey. From the subway and round-the-clock buses to the van and tram. Depending on what city you live in and where most of the places you go to, it’s best to use these.

In Istanbul, for example, traveling by car in the city is not a good choice. It will take you more time and money and it will make you frustrated. In Antalya, on the contrary, while buses and other vehicles cover every part of the city, the car is still a good option.

خرید خودرو در ترکیه

Even if the business you are considering buying a car in Turkey is not going to be permanent, the car rental option is on the table for you. So first of all you have to ask yourself why do I need to buy a car in Turkey?

This is an important question when you are an immigrant or have a short stay. Because buying a car for short stays is not recommended at all. Even if you have a luxury car in Iran, you should take it with you to Turkey rather than buy it. In addition, the car may not really be a good commute to your place of residence and will only cause costs and inconvenience. This question will not only hinder you if buying a car is not a good option for you, but will also guide you later on finding the right car for you.

Now that you’re sure you need to buy a car, let’s move on to the next question. Before you ask the question, you should know that in addition to the many effective and efficient transportation options, you also have many options to buy your car. So you should limit the options as much as possible depending on your needs and budget.

One of the things that makes your choice right is the choice between gasoline or diesel cars. The question is, do you find diesel cars better or gasoline?

Of course, this is not a question that depends very much on the various variables. In fact, we can help answer that question. Gasoline cars are cheaper than diesel or petrol cars in Turkey. But still, diesel cars are more popular! Because these cars have both lower fuel consumption and lower fuel prices. In addition, they have lower prices each year. In other words, you might end up buying cheaper gasoline cars, but in the long run you will find that buying a diesel car has been a bargain.

The third question you should ask is entirely about your budget. Whether or not to buy a new car. Of course, buying used cars is common in Turkey, but buying a new car is definitely a much cheaper option. On the other hand, buying a second hand car requires a lot of precision. In fact, there is nothing that can guarantee your purchase while this is not the case for new cars.Note that to buy a car you need a residence or foreigner number

Turkish car market

The Turkish car market is a highly diverse market with a variety of different brands and models, European, Asian and American brands are all present and companies such as Renault, Fiat, Toyota, Honda, Hyundai and Ford are increasing their sales and Falling prices have launched a production line in the country. Renault, Fiat, Volkswagen, Ford, Toyota, Hyundai and Peugeot are among the best-selling Turkish car brands in 2018, respectively.

The market for used cars averages 10 times that of zero cars. This means that there are 10 used car sales in Turkey for every zero car sold, which indicates that the used car market is active.

Unlike Iran, there are also diesel-powered cars, which are diesel-fueled, which are priced higher than gasoline-powered cars and have a higher customer or so-called market demand.

How to Buy a New Car in Turkey?

Find your favorite company or the place you want to buy from scratch, and go to their website to select the car model and price you want. Prices are visible online and you can rest assured that they haven’t changed. This is the simplest way to buy.

Find the nearest branch of the company from your website and go there to see the car, test it, ride it and test it. Do not be fooled by the stylish and modern look of the dealership. Here, as with any other Turkish shop, you can bargain. Especially if you pay in cash all the way up to 10% off your purchase.

You will then be given the purchase of a license plate. Sometimes you may have to apply for the license yourself. Then you will be given a sheet that you submit to the license plate center, ordering your car license plate and delivering it after a while.

How to buy a foreign license plate car?

If you have a business or student residence you can buy exterior license plates. Unlike license plates, these cars do not have a customs fee. So these cars are cheaper and don’t have to pay taxes in the first 6 months. But it is also harder to sell. Because surely a foreign citizen like you can get a job or student visa from you.

Make sure your car is not a limited imported car. It may seem tempting to own a special car, but if you have the slightest problem with your car, you should spend all your money on car repairs. Cars made in Germany, France and Japan are popular in Turkey. You can choose the best among them.

Purchase New or Used Cars in Turkey?

At first glance it is undoubtedly the budget you have planned to buy a car in Turkey, but since car expert discussions are very common in Turkey, so you can be more confident about buying cars. Take action

Buy NEW Car

You can refer to the price list section of your favorite company website to view, check and evaluate the price of the model you are looking for. All companies on their website offer prices of available models online, which helps you to easily select the car you want. Companies also provide their customers with a test facility such as a ride test, allowing you to closely touch the comfort and convenience of your car and make the right decision for your purchase. Find the closest branch to your location from the company’s website and visit them in person, be aware that bargaining is possible and companies offer up to a 10% discount on cash-paying customers. Consider. Choose the model you want, agree on the price, and entrust the rest of the sales process to the company.

How to buy a second hand car?

You can easily search for the car you want and find it. To search for this car you can go to the used car galleries, or the downstream part of the companies themselves. In addition, there are sites that link you to the seller even if it is a second-hand gallery or a company.

You can easily find one of the following sites to find the expected car:

Fortunately, these websites can compare prices, specifications and car models.

After this step, what we recommend you do is go to an expert. The expert can tell you all about the car and assure you of your purchase. Any discrepancies between the words of the seller and the expert have the place to reconsider your purchase. In fact, if the expert’s opinion contradicts the seller’s words, the seller must pay the expert fee, otherwise you are required to pay.

You should, of course, bring these with the seller before bringing the expert. Look for a better expert than the big companies that provide services. If your purchase is from galleries, the gallery should provide a 3-month warranty on the machine you buy.

After that you should go to the notary or notary and have the car in your name. Note that if you do not speak Turkish, there must be a translator in Farsi who will translate everything for you. Previous car costs, such as fines or fines, are borne by the seller, but the cost of the office is the cost of translating your passport and translator. Of course, if agreed, these costs can also be borne by the seller.

Two things you should do after buying a car in Turkey!

The first issue is insurance, which takes you 15 days to complete. Previous car insurance will be canceled when you sell it and will have to be reinsured. It is best to take out your car insurance at the moment of purchase and do not overlook this important issue.After getting your car document and card, you have one month to make the car license plate in your own name. Then apply for an appointment through, then go to your local police station with your passport and tax code and apply for a license plate. Your license plate will be Ma to Mz, indicating the foreigners in Turkey.

Things to Know About Buying a Car in Turkey:

  • It makes no difference whether your car is new or used. Get it from a reputable center.
  • The cost of fuel for gas-powered cars is much lower, but you will have trouble stopping your car in public parking and on the roof..
  • German, French and Japanese cars are the most popular. So they are both affordable to buy and maintain, and less expensive when selling. Of course, models like Hyundai and Ford also have their place and are not dependent on the country.
  • Send SMS the car license plate to 5664 to learn about the damage your insurance company is doing with just 5 liras.
  • There is no letter of intent in Turkey, so do not pay until the document is transferred to the notary. It is best to transfer the payment to the individual account through the bank account after the document is transferred.
  • If the car in question is used and has traveled more than 20,000 kilometers each year, avoid buying it. These are often cars that were rented.
  • Get the hgs tag from your nearest local post office and be comfortable with fines for tolls.
  • Assembly brands in Turkey are very good quality. It’s not even bad to know that Turkey’s main export to Europe is automobiles.
  • German, diesel and automatic cars are the most popular cars in Turkey.
  • The size of the car’s cylinder determines your annual tax.
  • Third-party insurance is compulsory insurance, the price of which varies depending on the car model, but body insurance is optional.

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