Deportation from Turkey

Deportation from Turkey is a very simple matter that can happen to anyone without following the tips. In fact, you do not need to be thugs to be expelled from the country. But even forgetting to renew your visa can get you into trouble.

Deportation or expulsion is by no means pleasant to anyone, and it can be easily remedied in addition to happening for a variety of reasons. If you want to know more, you can stay with us until the end. Deportation from Turkey can be temporary or permanent. Permanent Deportation, as its name implies, does not allow you to enter the country permanently, but Permanent Deportation will temporarily expel you from 3 months to 5 years.

Who may be Deportation from Turkey?

  • If someone stays in Turkey for more than the duration of their visa, they will be subject to a fine. If someone refuses to pay this fine, they will be deported.
  • If a person has contagious disease or is suffering from insanity and his current condition endangers the health of society and even public order, he will be deported. Of course, do not forget if one does not do something wrong to the community, or has the financial means to cover the cost of the disease or has traveled to Turkey for treatment of the disease at all.
  • Thugs, prostitutes, smugglers, anyone arrested for homicide will be deported.
  • Turkey will deport anyone found guilty or convicted under another country’s law of extradition.
  • If one does not have a good financial situation while living in Turkey, he may be deported.
  • Disturbing or participating in the country’s public order will lead to the expulsion of individuals from the country.
  • Illegal entry into Turkey will be subject to deportation. If you enter the country illegally, even if you are arrested while leaving, you will be expelled from Turkey. The same goes for staying longer than a visa.
  • Anyone who refuses to apply for asylum in Turkey has no right to remain in this country.
  • If convicted in court, he will be expelled from the country

How can you solve your traffic ban in this country?

If you have been banned from Turkey, you can still change the situation and re-enter the country in some ways. The first step to doing this is to have solid reasons for lifting the ban. You can apply for one of the types of visas by visiting the Turkish Consulate in Iran, which can be a study visa, a language training and a Tumor exam, or a work visa. If your application is approved, you can resume living in the country after paying the fine

What is the detention of illegal immigrants?

Most people who enter Turkey with residency problems, such as a lack of visas, lack of identification, disruption of public order, are sent to detention on remand. If arrested for such cases, he could protest his deportation from Turkey or even seek international assistance. Even free legal aid is free. Individuals may be detained for up to one year in order to determine their residence in Turkey

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