Ways to extend your stay

Ways to extend your stay in Turkey are often exported for a limited period. In fact, you must apply for an extension before expiry of your residence permit in Turkey. Otherwise you will be fined and may even refuse to apply for a renewal of your residence permit and you will have to leave Turkey. Below you can find out how to renew your residence permit in Turkey.

What are the ways to extend your stay in Turkey?

In Turkey, people who own property in Turkey, people who marry Turkish citizens, people with work permits and their families can extend their residence permits in accordance with the purpose of residence by providing the necessary documents and paying the renewal fee.

You must pay for renewal of your residence permit in Turkey, renewal of your residence card, renewal of your license, health insurance, translator and official office, apostille confirmation if necessary. Note that you need health insurance to renew your residence permit in Turkey and you must be covered by insurance. Workers and their families are automatically covered by individual workplace insurance because no local in Turkey has the right to use force without paying premiums.

You will apply for a renewal depending on the type of residence. Generally, your license expiration date can be the start date of the renewal process. You can apply for an extension 60 days before the expiry date. Depending on the type of residence permit you may have a different extension process.Make sure your documents are complete before proceeding. The photo you submit must be from the last 6 months and be fully identifiable and uploaded to the system. Once you have registered your application, you will be issued a license application form, and you will be legally allowed to enter and leave Turkey and residence by the date you receive your residence card. You must apply to the Immigration Office in person to renew your residence permit.

Once you have paid the relevant fees, deposit the receipt with the other documents in the envelope and send it to the immigration office by post or courier. Please be careful when submitting documents that are complete and consistent because you will be responsible for any errors in this area.

Your application will be fully evaluated and, if you agree, your residence permit will be sent through your home immigration office.

The relevant authorities may ask you to visit the Migration Board in person. This request can have several reasons:

  • They may want to ask about your arrival in Turkey and stay there.
  • You may be expelled from Turkey.
  • There is something that needs to be communicated to you personally and personally.To verify and obtain the information you need, you must provide your Immigration Office with a valid telephone number or email address so that they can notify you by email or phone call. So be sure to keep an eye on your calls and emails.

Required Evidence of Extending Turkey Residence by Renting Property:

  • Appointment or apply for a residence permit renewal in Turkey
  • Original and copy of passport
  • Copy of passport pages
  • Lease
  • 4 Piece 4 in 6
  • If you are working or studying, the relevant documents from a reputable organization or government agencies
  • Translating the marriage contract for the married
  • Population form or address registered with the municipality
  • Back and forth copy of the previous residence card
  • Birth certificate for people under 18 years
  • Valid health insurance
  • Bureau of Immigration Services
  • Paying Bill

Required documents for renewal of residence permit in Turkey by buying property:

You must submit the following documents in addition to the documents listed above:

  • Copy of the property document
  • Building Document Approval
  • Approved crocodile in the municipality

What are the documents required to apply for a residence permit renewal in Turkey?

First, make sure that your passport is valid within 60 to 90 days of your new residence issuance and that you have a valid document.
You should submit a photo of the past 6 months with a white background.
The person must apply for comprehensive health insurance or supplementary insurance (the amount of insurance varies depending on the age of the person).
If your passport is not in Latin letters, it must be an official translation and the official translation must be annexed.
If your name and surname are different on your passport, you must provide proof that you have accurate information on behalf of the country of origin.
If your name or surname has changed, you should update your information by visiting your local office.
You may also be asked for a birth certificate.
If the person is under 18 years of age, the father or mother or their legal representative must send the consent and commitment letter to the immigration office through legal entities.

Rejection of renewal of residence in Turkey

If your application is rejected by Turkish immigration authorities for any reason, you will have ten days to leave the country. If you are in the country after this period you will be subject to a fine and must pay it upon arrival.

You can change the type of your residence request in these ten days. For example, if your tourist residence application has been rejected, you can apply for a residence permit or study again this time.

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