Ranking of Turkish universities

Turkish universities have managed to gain an acceptable ranking in Turkish universities worldwide, and with this in mind, many people choose Turkish universities as their destination of study each year. In the latest rankings, the quality of Turkish universities is ranked seventh globally. In the rankings of the best universities in the Middle East, Turkish universities rank one to three, while Tehran University is ranked 6th and Sharif University of Technology is ranked 8th.

Turkish Universities?

Today, Turkey has more than 200 universities, most of which are government-run. It is interesting to know that by 1970 there were only 8 higher education institutions in Turkey. Therefore, most Turkish universities are newly established.

One of Turkey’s youngest universities is the Antalya International University, which began accepting students in 2012. The university aims to attract foreign students.

Turkey’s first private university is Blikent University, founded in 1984. It is one of the top universities in the world today.

In Turkey, higher ranked universities are more popular. You can apply for undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral degrees at these universities.

The best universities in Turkey are located in the main cities of the country, Ankara and Istanbul.

World ranking of Turkish universities

The ranking of Turkish universities is top 10 in the QS ranking, and according to the latest ranking in 2019, 45 universities in Turkey were in the ranking. Turkey’s most famous and best-known universities include the Middle East Technical University, Ankara University, Koc, Sabanji, Istanbul Technical University, Istanbul University, Beyaz and more.

These rankings are often based on educational performance as well as research, as well as university rankings by members of the academic community in the region and the world.

In addition, issues such as the quality of professors with respect to academic rank, scholarships, number of students, facilities, research, laboratory and number of publications and articles published in scientific journals of the world, are effective in this ranking.

QS ranking of Turkish universities

  • Kuch University Ranked 448
  • Bilkent University Ranked 456
  • Sabanji University Ranked 501
  • Middle East Technical University Ranked 551
  • Baghi Aichi University Ranked 571
  • Istanbul Technical University Ranked 651
  • Haji Tepe University Ranked 801
  • Judge University Ranked 801
  • Istanbul University Ranked 801
  • University of Ankara 801

Turkey Higher Education Ranking List of 2019 Universities in Turkey

  • Sabanji University Ranked 351
  • Kuch University Ranked 401
  • Bilkent University Ranked 501
  • University of Aichi Rete 501
  • Haji Tepe University Ranked 501
  • Middle East Technical University Ranked 601
  • Istanbul Technical University Ranked 601
  • Atelim University Ranked 801
  • Argyll University ranked 801
  • Faculty of Engineering University of Qabeta Rank 801
  • Istanbul University Ranked 801
  • Anatolian University Ranked 801
  • Akdeniz University Ranked 1001
  • Ankara University Ranked 1001
  • Judge University Ranked 1001

URAP ranking of Turkish universities

URAP is a valid and well-known ranking system in EU reports. This list is constantly updated and gives a different rating. This ranking uses 8 criteria to provide a list of top universities. According to URAP the best universities in Turkey are as follows:

  1. University of Istanbul
  2. University of Hajat Tepe
  3. University of Ortadogu
  4. University of Ankara
  5. Judge University
  6. Bilkent University
  7. Istanbul Technical University
  8. University of Aichi

Bilkent University

It was founded in 1984 in Ankara. Bilkent is one of the private universities in Turkey and, as you can see in the ratings above, has been well placed in most of the rankings in the various lists. Ranked 421, it is one of the best universities in Turkey in the world ranking.

The campus covers 2000 hectares and has 7 faculties. It also has a vocational school and a music education center.

The language of study in most disciplines is English

Coach University of Istanbul

It is one of the private universities in Turkey and is ranked 431 worldwide. Of course, engineering and social sciences are also taught at the university, but are not well-known in the medical school. Just like Bilkent, studying at this university is in English.


Sabanji University was founded in 1994 in the outskirts of Istanbul. It is one of the youngest universities in Turkey and has three faculties of natural sciences, social sciences and engineering sciences.

In addition, there is an English language school under the supervision of the university.

Middle East Technical University

It is ranked 471 in the world and is one of the best universities in Turkey and of course the world. The language of study at this university is English. You can apply for undergraduate, graduate and doctoral degrees at this university. The university is one of the best universities in Turkey in basic science and engineering. The university has 45 undergraduate courses. Entry to this university requires an IELTS or TOEFL degree.

University of Benghazi

Located in the Bosphorus Strait and in the European part of Turkey, the university dates back to 1836. It is one of the top ten universities in Turkey. There are 5 faculties of literature, basic sciences, basic economics, engineering and engineering at this university. The social sciences, engineering and arts disciplines are the most popular at this university.

Istanbul Technical University

The university is one of Istanbul’s international and state-run universities, which achieved a world ranking of 108 in 2009. Students from all countries and fields can apply to study at this university.

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