Registering the phone in Turkey

These days, living without a cellphone is no easy task. From a simple call to everyday routing and mobile Internet, we are dependent on our smartphone. The rules of mobile phone use in Turkey are similar to our own. In fact, register with your smartphone to use the Turkish mobile line on your mobile phone. In this post we are going to talk about registering your phone in Turkey, which is actually something like our own registry system.

The first time you insert a SIM card in your smartphone, you can use this SIM card or any other SIM card for up to 60 days. After this 60-day deadline, your antenna will be disconnected and you should have Registering the phone in Turkey to prevent this from happening. Of course, after this sixty days, you can still register your phone, but it’s not worth the trouble. So we recommend that you do your smartphone registry work within the same 60-day deadline.

How to Registering the phone in Turkey

You can do one of the following ways to register your phone in Turkey If you do not have a residence card:

Note that for this you must be less than 4 months from your arrival in Turkey. First enter the code * # 06 # with your mobile phone. The 14-digit code shown to you is your phone’s IMEI proprietary code. You must go to your tax office with your passport, this number and your mobile phone and hand your phone to the cashier and fill out the relevant forms. This form will receive your information and will then give you a card to continue with.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]You will then be given a bank receipt which you will need to go to the bank to pay. You will receive a bank receipt with a copy of your passport first page and your last stamp of entry into Turkey at one of the Turkish mobile agencies. By providing a SIM card number and the specified amount, your phone will register in one to seven days. Of course in this way you are only allowed to use one telephone line.

If you have a residence card:

To do this you will need to get your E Devlet Şifresi password by presenting your residence card and passport from the nearest post office.

You can then Registering the phone in Turkey by entering the password you received in the previous step, as well as your residence number and online payment of the registry fee. You can also use different SIMs this way, but keep in mind that in two years with one passport you can only register one cell phone.

What if the 60-day registry expires?

As we said before, you only have 60 days to register your mobile phone before you have to register your mobile phone with the Turkish telecommunications system. But if you postpone it and your cellphone is turned off, you have two options:

Method one: Enter * # 06 # and get IMEI code. After receiving this code with your mobile phone, passport and residence permit, go to the tax office or a bank or post office and register your phone.

Method Two: You can buy a new phone. All phones purchased from Turkey are registered in the telecommunications system and no longer need to go through these steps.

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