Turkey is recognized as one of the most secure and profitable centers for foreign investment in the world. Foreign investment in Turkey has been around since the main part of the Turkish economy is based on these foreign investments. Many companies have branches in this country and foreign factories are operating there, which in addition to helping the Turkish economy, has led to jobs for the Turkish people.

Investing Brands Foreign Companies in Turkey

According to the Turkish Ministry of Economy, most of the foreign investment in Turkey is made up of EU member states. In fact, almost 2% of foreign direct investment in Turkey was related to investments in EU countries. Japan, Azerbaijan, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain are the countries with the highest investment in Turkey. America is also one of these countries.

They have invested mostly in finance, insurance, transportation, energy production and construction.But in addition to these investments, some world-renowned brands have set up offices in Turkey. The date of construction of these branches goes back many years and the presence of these brands in this country is one of the important economic elements of Turkey. There are currently 6 reputable foreign brands in Turkey.

Coca Cola

Coca-Cola moved to Turkey in 1964 as one of its own brand companies and now has 10 factories and 2,500 employees in Turkey. From Coca-Cola’s joint venture with Holdings and other shareholders such as Exports, Anadolu Efes, Ozgurkey Holding and… 25 brands currently operating under Coca-Cola. Coca-Cola is the fifth most active brand in Turkey and has many benefits for Turkey. The company is one of the most important buyers of sugar in Turkey and generates more than 7 billion liras per year


As the world’s fifth largest car maker, Hyundai established its first company in Turkey in 1990 to list Turkey’s most important foreign companies. 7 years after Hyundai’s arrival, the first Hyundai manufacturing plant was established in Turkey. Hyundai now manufactures 245,000 cars for the Turkish people a year, and much of Hyundai’s products are exported overseas. The largest markets for these products are Europe, the Middle East and Africa. In addition, Hyundai has 2500 entrepreneurs in Turkey and earns more than 15 billion euros annually.


It is interesting to know that Nestlé, a familiar name for coffee, chocolate powder and breakfast cereals, entered Turkey in 1909, over 100 years ago. The brand produces instant coffee, breakfast cereal, baby food, and healthy nutrition. The brand now has two factories in Turkey and produces 800 products. Its products are exported around Turkey, the Middle East and Africa.


Microsoft is not long in Turkey. The company entered Turkey in 1993 and, although not the largest foreign company present in Turkey, much of Turkey’s technology and technology development would not have been possible without Microsoft’s presence there. The company was selected as the best Turkish company in 2013 and has created many jobs for Turkish youth.


Holding Hilton was formed in 1919 in Texas and after 73 years came to Turkey. The first Hilton Hotel project in Turkey was built in Izmir. The city was a good choice because of the capacity of business travelers and the proximity to offices and exhibitions to start the Hilton brand. Founded with 380 living rooms and 16 meeting and conference rooms, Hilton now has four branches and locations throughout Turkey, with Ankara, Istanbul and Antalya the most important Hilton hotel centers.


Ericsson was the first foreign company present in Turkey and was one of the leading telecommunications companies. The company first opened Izmir’s first telephone service in 1924. This issue made great progress for Turkey that year. In 2008, Sony Ericsson acquired Bizitek, a major communications company in Turkey, and still operates in Turkey.

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