To better understand the rules of driving in Turkey, we know that driving and commuting today has become a part of many people’s daily lives. So if one is not forced to walk, he will only drive on public transport if he does not own a car or use it for the desired route. There are 20 million cars in Turkey every day. Traveling this car with a specific city-to-city driving culture and the overall driving culture in Turkey can be a whole new world of new experiences and you should be careful not to have problems.

If you live in Turkey or use a private car on your journey to Iran or have to drive or want to learn how to drive there, we have a set of simple basic rules for driving in Turkey and even driving culture. We have prepared the Turks.

Basic tips on driving rules in Turkey

The legal driving age in Turkey is 18 years for both motor and personal cars.

The required number is Turkey, Emergency, Police and Fire and … 112. If you have a problem, you can get help by dialing this number.

Using the cellphone while driving is forbidden in any way.

Your blood alcohol level should be below half a percent. If the police arrest you with a higher percentage while driving, you will have to pay a heavy fine and your license will be useless for 6 months.

It is forbidden to place children under the age of 12 on the front seats even on a child restraint.

Belt binding is required for both front and rear occupants of the vehicle.

Be aware that if you want to turn left, drivers may overtake you at the same time.

Night driving is not recommended, especially on mountain roads.

Turks, like us, use the beep time and time again. So be comfortable in the field and receive their messages this way. Of course, you do not have the right to use the car’s horn after 10pm.

City speeds are 50 km / h, 90 km / h on major roads and streets, and 120 km / h on highways and highways. There are traffic lights around the squares in many Turkish cities. Be sure to gather them even at midnight.

Off-road police with hand signs or lights may force you to slow down; be sure to take these recommendations seriously.

Turkish police often ambush towns for 10 to 20 kilometers. They measure your speed with speed-control cameras and send you a fine bill for a police officer 3 to 4 kilometers ahead to let you know.

Adhering to the speed limit is one of the most important and applicable laws in Turkey and can save you from many fines. Radars are installed in the country that record the speed of the drivers and automatically penalize you when passing. Violation of the speed limit may vary depending on how much you have exceeded.

Turning right when the red light is on is not allowed unless there is a sidewalk.

Tolls on the Turkish highway are cheaper than all of Europe and are paid in cash. Always have cash with you.

You may be fined while driving in Turkey, so be sure to bring cash as they may not let you go unless they charge you.

As the police are not always checking you and only if you have trouble worrying about your blood alcohol, do not act irresponsible. Sometimes traffic cops accidentally stop cars and take alcohol tests. Most people take this test at night and around bars and clubs. So no matter how confident you are about your drunkenness, it doesn’t bother you because if the alcohol level is high, you will not be allowed to continue driving in addition to the fine.

Most Turkish drivers do not give directions when overtaking highways and switching lanes. So if you want to overtake them be sure to note them with a horn or a lamp.

To avoid any danger, be sure to drive anonymous and even anonymous.

The right of way in Turkey is with pedestrians. As an article, if you want to turn right while driving, you should stop if you see a pedestrian. This is mandatory even if there are no traffic lights.

Once you reach the pedestrian lane you must stop completely.In the Turkish traffic rules you have to go to the left lane to overtake and go back to your previous right lane after the overtaking. Staying online quickly also charges you a fine.

Always keep the distance to the front of the car so that you do not get into a collision with the front car.

Keep the road open for fire trucks, emergency vehicles and police. The right-hand lane is reserved for multiple routes, and you will never run into them because you will be fined.

Be sure to use a fogger in the foggy and rainy weather. This will make your chance of a crash much less likely. Do not raise the sound of the car recording. Do not park your car in sidewalks, taxis and buses and prohibited parking spaces.Do not change the color of the car from the original standard mode. In general, it is best not to change the car this way. Do not leave the scene after the accident.

Other stops include pedestrian crossings, motor vehicle demonstrations, the use of audible exhausts, traffic jams, online changeover, moving on the opposite side, taking drugs and pre-driving stimulants.

Every violation in Turkey has a negative score. Your license will be suspended after 8 violations. Violations can be simple things like passing a red light, not wearing a seat belt or talking on the phone while driving, so take all the rules seriously.

Not having the necessary driving documents gives you a negative rating.

  • ِDriving License
  • Insurance (renewed annually)
  • Car tax (only twice a year payment is enough)
  • car card
  • Insurance card (if you have one)
  • Technical examination (validity of this document is two years)
  • Completeness of exhaust examination card

Everything you need to have in your car

  • First Aid Box: You can easily know how much you need this box for. Especially if you are traveling and find it difficult to find a pharmacy. This box should contain two large wound bands, a sterile hydrophilic gas canister, 3 triangular bands, 1 disinfectant solution, 10 pins, 1 small stainless steel scissors, artery, 10 wound wounds, aluminum cladding Burn, 2 pairs of medical gloves and 1 flashlight
  • Fire Capsule: Your capsule must be at least 1kg and have an expiry date.
    Warning sign or night warning
  • triangle: Two of these are enough for you. Of course, it should also be able to stand farther from your car on the ground
  • Jack and Wheel Wrench
  • Wheelchairs and Chains for Boxing: In fact, the General Security Administration has banned the use of boxing chains without winter chains.

What laws are most overlooked in driving in Turkey?

  • Do not wear seat belts
  • Not paying attention to priority and pedestrian priority when crossing a street or turning right
  • Don’t stop behind the red light
  • Not paying attention to traffic signs
  • Unauthorized speed
  • Unauthorized overtaking
  • Driving drunk
  • Rotate and change line without guides
  • Using a cellphone while driving
  • Failure to respect other vehicles
  • Failure to observe permissible distance to front car
  • No use of wheel chains

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