Taxes on foreigners in Turkey

Terms and Conditions of Taxation for Foreigners in Turkey

How is the tax in Turkey for foreigners and do foreigners pay property tax in Turkey? The answer is yes and foreigners have no difference with other people in that country. In fact, taxes make up a large part of the income of countries around the world. Individuals in each country are required to pay taxes, and managers and heads of government must also provide welfare, amenities and ample facilities to citizens. In some cases, the government also provides tax incentives based on the type of service and corporate investment in Turkey.

Turkey is no exception, and its strict tax laws have led to good and upward economic growth in recent years. A large part of the Turkish government’s income comes from taxes on fuel consumption and car use.

Citizens pay taxes based on the type of feedback, which is as follows:

  • Tax on expenses (consumption)
    income tax
  • Personal income tax
  • VAT
  • Corporate Income Tax (legal entities)
  • Banking and Insurance
  • Property tax (wealth)
  • Property tax
  • The right to stamp
  • Inheritance and gift tax
  • Transaction Tax

Property tax

As mentioned, all citizens of Turkey, whether native or foreign, are required to pay this tax and the Turkish state must also provide public services to its people. Foreigners can easily buy property for the comfort of their own country, after living in Turkey for some time. They are also required to pay taxes to the government. So, there is no way for foreigners to get rid of property taxes and have to pay this tax in a timely manner, just like any other citizen.

The second is inheritance and gift tax. Taxes on inherited or gifted assets do not include all assets, and only 2 to 4 percent are subject to tax. Remember, taxes paid on property inherited in a foreign country will be deducted from the total amount payable in Turkey and you will only have to pay the remaining amount. You also have the opportunity to pay this tax for two years at two annual installments.

The third is VAT, which is a general tax that applies to all manufactured goods. The rate of this tax varies according to the type of goods and services in Turkey and is 2%, 2% and 2%. The tax is in fact the indirect tax that the government deducts from the rights of all citizens who work and earn a living. It should be noted that in this case, the government has provided discounts for citizens and foreigners.

Tax exemptions

با وجود اینکه قوانین دقیق و سر سختانه‌ ای برای پرداختهای مالیاتی توسط شهروندان وجود دارد، دولت تخفیفاتی نیز برای این مالیاتها در نظر گرفته است. بر اساس این قوانین وضع شده‌ی مالیاتی، در قسمت مالیات بر دارایی و املاک، ساختمان‌هایی که متعلق به کشورهای خارجی است، مانند کنسولگری‌ها، سفارتخانه‌ها، تمامی ساختمان‌هایی که وزیران و سفیران کشورهای خارجی در ترکیه زندگی می‌کنند و ساختمان‌هایی که به سازمانهای بین‌المللی ترکیه تعلق دارند، از پرداخت مالیات املاک معاف هستند. به دنبال این تخفیفات، دولت ترکیه به منظور پیشرفت در زمینه اقتصاد کشور و رونق بخشیدن به بخش‌های تولیدی و صنعتی، خرید و فروش ملک و واحدهای اشتغال‌ زایی، مالیات را کاهش داده است.Although there are strict and strict laws for citizens to pay taxes, the government has also introduced a deduction for these taxes. Under these tax laws, in the area of ​​property and property tax, foreign-owned buildings, such as consulates, embassies, all buildings where foreign ministers and ambassadors reside in Turkey, and buildings owned by Turkish international organizations , Are exempt from paying property taxes. Following these reductions, the Turkish government has lowered taxes to improve the country’s economy and boost manufacturing and industrial sectors, property sales and employment.

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