Paying bills in Turkey is always a concern for the housewives once a month. But just as electronic life has made things simpler these days, these days the bills aren’t going to be terrible. But in any case, knowing everything about it is essential to managing life. The way in which bills are paid in Turkey and called the split in Turkey differs from Iran. For more information on how and where to pay bills in Turkey and these differences, you can follow us.The point about paying bills in Turkey is that the name of the bill must match the name of the payer. So make sure you have enough documentation to name the bills. In fact, one of the disadvantages of renting a home in Turkey is that even if you have rented a home for a limited time, you should definitely go to the relevant offices and name the branches there.

The landlord may have agreed to pay you the bills and eventually rent it out with you. If you encounter this, be sure to ask for property bills at the time of the initial entry so that you will not be charged extra. But this is a rare occurrence and less common among Turkish landlords, and it is customary for tenants to charge zero to one hundred to name the branch and pay the bill. Of course there is no worries about these issues because it is very easy to name bills or pay them in Turkey and it will not take you much time.

Paying bills in Turkey


Water bill in Turkey


Turkey’s water supply is provided by the municipality and the national company ISKI. Imagine being comfortable about Turkish water. It is purified, drinkable and consumable, and of course contains chlorine.

One thing to know in this regard is that the tourist-populated areas of Turkey often face water shortages. Therefore, it is customary for the houses in these areas to have a separate water supply and a reservoir, and you will have no problem in this regard. Note that if your home is in the tourist areas of Turkey, you should definitely have this option.If your home’s water tanks or rented sewage are broken or worn out, which is unlikely given their short lifespan, you can replace them. Do not forget that this change is only possible with the permission of the municipality. Luckily, if the tank is worn out while renting a home, it will be the responsibility of the homeowner. So be sure to keep that in mind.

Electricity bill in Turkey


Turkish electricity is measured in Watts and 220 Volts. The interesting thing about Turkish electricity is that when you sign up for electricity in Turkey, you have to choose your consumption. In fact, buying a branch is like buying an Internet package. It is recommended that you buy more than you normally use. On average for a rental home you will need 12 to 15 kWh per month and this will be slightly more than your monthly consumption and it is a reasonable figure to register.

Remember that the electricity department in Turkey is severely late in payment and will cut off your electricity quickly. So have a plan to pay your bill and never miss it in your monthly plan.

Another thing to know about Turkey’s power outage is that regional power outages are common in Turkey. In fact, you may have paid your bills and still have your electricity cut off, and look and see that not all areas have electricity. What you need to know in these situations is the cure for the event before it happens. Make sure you have a power supply and shield for your expensive home appliances so you won’t be surprised and unharmed in these conditions.

Gas bill in Turkey


There may be different cases of gas splitting in Turkey:

If you are in a home with no gas piping, you can easily obtain the gas you need from local distributors.

If you are in a home with a gas pipeline, you will have access to private gas distribution companies and you can branch out.

If you are in an apartment complex and all homeowners have purchased gas from a local pipeline, you will have to pay the bill to the companies that supply the system.

If you have any problems, you can call Natural Gas Reform Number 187.

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