Credit cards or credit cards in Turkey include all types of cards, including Visa Cards, Master Cards, etc. All Turkish banks have their own unique credit cards and offer customers the same capabilities. Foreigners can also receive credit cards for that bank by opening an account with Turkish banks.

What is a Credit Card?

In Iran we do not have a credit card or credit card concept, and our bank cards charge the same amount as is actually in the account. But credit card or credit card is common in most countries.

Credit cards are those cards that provide a level of credit for each customer and allow him to spend his account without having that amount in his account and pay the next month. In fact, these cards have no money and you spend your credit on them. If you fail to pay your credit card bill on time, you will also be subject to a fine.
– Credit cards expire and you must renew them once they expire You can buy credit cards online from any website online. That is why it is important to protect and protect the information on these cards and you are responsible for your own card.Most credit cards in Turkey can be used all over the world. For example, a Turkish Credit Card will definitely meet your need in London.

People over 18 can apply for a credit card or credit card in Turkey and get it from their bank.

First-year customers receiving a credit card in Turkey can double their monthly income and thus spend. This amount will be 4 times the monthly income from the fourth year onwards. However, this amount may vary from bank to bank, and even the head of the branch determines the amount of credit a card will have.

Getting a credit card in Turkey can be a time-consuming process and it may take a while for you to maintain sufficient credit with the bank. You will start crediting immediately after you open an account. Every billing, rent, bill, and overall turnover in your account is a positive score for getting more credit. You may initially be given a low figure as a credit, but after a while your loyalty and loyalty will increase.

Who can apply for a credit card in Turkey?

Most banks refuse to give this card to foreigners, given that the credit card has a similar credit structure. Because if a foreigner spends all his credit and returns to his country, the bank cannot force him to pay his debt. Therefore, foreigners can only benefit from this card under certain circumstances.

The point to know before getting a credit card is to make sure you spend as much as you know you can pay. Because bank debt can lead to legal prosecution and can lead to your dismissal and hassle.One of the ways to obtain a credit card registration company is to block the amount in your account and get a credit card with the same credit. Bank Agriculture is one of those banks that requires credit card blocking, but Hulk Bank or People’s Bank gives you the same amount of investment without blocking it. The bank also provided a small amount of credit to students on its credit card.

If you are staying in Turkey by buying an apartment or property and you are not getting paid, you can still have a credit card by blocking the money. In general, most banks will issue you a credit card depending on your account balance and your turnover.

If you are allowed to work in Turkey, you can easily apply for a credit card. Simply get a letter from your workplace for the monthly salary you receive and submit it to the bank so that you can receive credit proportional to your income. You need to regularly report your income to the bank to get accurate credit.

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