Get Turkish passport by buying property

Turkey has become a destination for many people around the world these days, and people from all over the world are choosing to live there.

Turkey’s passport is one of the world’s most prestigious and valid passports and can travel to many countries without a visa. Turkey, on the other hand, is one of the countries granting investors with its land, passport and residence.

Turkey’s economic position, as well as the various investment options in the country, guarantees the protection of the initial capital as well as the profits of the people and you will be able to obtain a passport with the minimum investment.

One of the safest and most sought-after ways to invest in Turkey is to buy a property in Turkey. Here’s how you can get this Turkish passport.

What are the requirements for buying a Turkish passport?

[Buying property in Turkey is one of the branches of investing in Turkey and most people have chosen this method for investing in Turkey. In fact, you can invest on the one hand by buying property in the country and selling it at a higher price after a while.

On the other hand you get a Turkish passport and you have a place to stay in the country or you can even invest in renting your property in another way. Investing in buying a property in Turkey will be kind of like shooting a few badges.

But what qualifications should this investment invest in buying a Turkish passport for you and your family?

The first condition you should consider is that the minimum amount of investment or money you pay for the property is $ 250,000. Since investing in other branches of Turkey, even investing in a Turkish bank deposit requires $ 500,000 of initial capital, investing in real estate will also be beneficial.You can buy one property for $ 250,000 or buy multiple properties for a total of $ 250,000, but in this case you need to submit a multi-property document and a purchase document instead.

Buying multiple homes since you can stay in one and rent the rest seems an attractive option.

The second requirement is to deposit the purchase amount directly from the buyer’s account to the seller’s account. No intermediaries are accepted in this area.

The third requirement is that the seller must be a Turk or own a Turkish company. Otherwise the purchase of the property will not require you to obtain a residence and passport.

The Benefits of Getting a Turkish Passport by Buying a Property

  • Obtain Turkish passport for all family members
  • Having similar rights to genuine Turkish citizens
  • Residence Permit Acquisition
  • Work permit accreditation
  • Permission to work in government centers as well as start up new businesses
  • Use of public facilities equal to Turkish citizens
  • Free education for children in government centers
  • Take advantage of international education
  • Access to public and state public services
  • The right to vote and the right to vote
  • Free and advanced health care facilities
  • Eligibility for retirement benefits over 60 years

Get Turkish passport by buying property in this country

After buying legal property in Turkey for more than $ 250,000 from a Turkish seller, you should go to the Land and Property Registration Office under the acronym Tapu Tapu and apply for citizenship rights. They will review the report of the transfer of documents and funds, confirm the process of purchasing the property and issue the final document to you.

The Topo will provide you with a Citizenship Confirmation Letter until one week after you have examined the documents, which you can apply for as a temporary resident.

With your residence permit and your citizenship confirmation, you must apply to the Turkish General Population and Citizenship Office to finalize your residence application. The next steps will be done at the Citizenship Office and you will be notified.

If you are planning to buy a few properties in Turkey for a total value of $ 250,000, you should apply to all of these properties at the same time at the Topo office to have the property value calculated as a set and your citizenship issued.

Required Documents for Kimlik Receipt :

  • Original passport and color copy of the stamped page
  • Color Print Application for Residence Permit
  • Tax number
  • Color copy of insurance with stamp and signature
  • Four pieces of 6 in 4 photo
  • Proof of residence
  • Residence permit from the Population Office
  • No background record

You can apply for a passport 3 to 6 months after applying for your permanent residence.

Required documents for obtaining a Turkish passport :

  • The principle of your passport and entourage
  • Providing marriage certificate if married
  • Submit a divorce document if any
  • Certificate of No Background
  • Origin and copy of individual and associate’s birth certificate
  • Certificate of Physical Health from
  • Government Hospital and Trusted Physician
  • Certificate of financial proof

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