In today’s modern machine world, the ability to drive and have a degree that can legally prove you is one of the essentials of life. Of course, to live in bustling Turkish cities like Istanbul, you may be able to meet your needs with public transport and no need to drive. But an emergency can always disrupt your mental equations from the environment, and you may find it necessary even if you are not used to driving in your personal life. In addition, a Turkish certificate can be recognized as a valid ID card in Turkey and even confirm your residence. If you want to learn how to get a certification in Turkey, don’t miss this post.

In Turkey you can drive for 6 months with no translation of your Iranian license or international license without any problems. But after 6 months of driving in this country, you need a Turkish license. Don’t worry about the validity of this certificate. In fact, this certificate is similar to a residence card for foreigners and is a valid document confirming that you are a resident. Before we get to how to get a certification in Turkey let’s get acquainted with how to get an international certification.

How to obtain Driving license?

If you do not intend to stay in Turkey for more than 6 months and drive during this time, you can obtain an international certificate from your own country. Do not forget that after 6 months this license is not valid for driving in the country and you must have a license to leave. Note that if you forget this rule and drive with your expired license, you will be subject to a heavy fine if you are notified by the police. If you are involved in an accident during this time, the insurance company may refuse to pay you damages. International certificates are issued for one or three years, but laws in Turkey will only allow you 6 months of continuous use.

After the expiry of the International Certificate, it is not possible to renew it and you must apply for it from the beginning.Your international certification is translated into 7 languages in addition to English, French, Russian, Arabic, German, Spanish and Chinese.

You can apply for this certification by the following methods: Refer to the main centers and branches of the Tourism and Automotive Association of the Islamic Republic of Iran throughout the country: Your international certificate will be delivered immediately.

You can also apply for this certification by registering online at the Tourism and Car Association website.

Driving license in Turkey


You have obtained a license in your own country and now have stayed in Turkey for more than 6 months and can no longer use your international license. In such circumstances you can easily obtain your Turkish license without any driving test and residence card. To get a certificate in Turkey you have to go through the following steps:

1. You should go to the Iranian Embassy or Consulate in your city with the following documents:

  • Original and color copy of Iranian Certificate
  • Original and copy back and forth Turkish Residence Card
  • Original and copy of passport
    A color copy of the last seal of entry into Turkish territory

After verifying the authenticity of these documents, they will hand you the Aposti sheet.

2. After receiving the Aposti Sheet, you should go to a public hospital to have your health checked and finally confirmed. This will include costs that you can get a substantial discount if you have health insurance in Turkey. After this step, the hospital will give you a certificate that is known as a Certificate of Eligibility, which is required to proceed.

3. At this point you will need your degree. You need to bring your last degree to a translator and translate it into Turkish and have an official translator sign it. Then take the translated document to the Turkish or Notary Registry and confirm it.

Note that unfortunately at this stage it is much easier to obtain a diploma degree than a higher degree. In fact, if you have a degree higher than a diploma, you must send it to Ankara for confirmation, which will both increase the final cost of the approval process and take longer.

4. Upon receipt of your education certificate, you will bring it along with other approved documents to the Population Office and after paying and submitting your bank receipt your driving license will be sent to your address within ten days

All the documents you will need at this stage are as follows :


  • Residency card
  • Original and color copy of Iranian Certificate
  • Original and color copy of passport
  • Translation of Degree
  • Certificate of Authority
  • Aposti tab

If you are looking for a Driving license in Turkey for the first time:


If you want to get all the Driving license in Turkey first, you need to know that your job is a little harder than those who have already obtained their certification in Iran. Getting a certification in Turkey is a little costly, time consuming and difficult from the beginning. You should go to driving training classes for driving training and certification procedures.

You must meet the following conditions to obtain a certificate:

Age requirement: You must meet the age requirement for any vehicle license.

  • 16 years: Driving pedal motorcycles, up to 125 cc engines and four-wheel motorcycles
  • 18 years: Motorcycles up to 35 watts, cars, trucks, tractors, heavy machinery such as bulldozers, trucks and lethal up to 12,000
  • 20 years: Motorcycles power more than 35 watts
  • 21 years: Truck and Fatality, minibus
  • 24 years: Bus

Training: You must attend practical driving classes and school theory.

Health: You must have the physical health necessary to drive. You can go to government health departments affiliated with the Ministry of Health, university affiliated health centers, family health centers, hospitals and private centers, and doctors for health approval.

Identity: Valid documents must verify your identity.

Test: You must take a written and practical test and get a pass.

Education: You should at least have graduated from an elementary school.

Cost: You must fully cover the costs of training courses, exams and certification in Turkey. For this we recommend the Ziraat Bank

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