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Byükçekmece district and its municipality are located on the outskirts of Istanbul, Turkey on the European coast of the Marmara Sea, west of the city. It is mainly an industrial area with a population of 380,000. Lake Buyukcekece is the place where the Karasudere River flows into the Marmara Sea. The lake is located in the south of the Wolf region, west of Istanbul, Turkey. Used as a freshwater tank. The lake bar was strengthened in 1988 by a dam. Aqua Marine, a family-run water park with large halls, large pools and play areas for kids is located within byükçekmece. . Suleiman Bridge, also known as Buyukcekmece Bridge, is a stone arch bridge located in Buyukcekmece, 36 km west of central Istanbul, Turkey, on the European side.
Büyükçekmece has the cleanest and best coastline in Istanbul. Büyükçekmece, which enjoys unparalleled seaside appearance, especially in spring and summer, is one of Istanbul’s most important summer resorts. In spring and summer, the city’s population increases by 3-4 times. To sort out the most popular Büyükçekmece Beach Attractions م Mado café, wedding and various organizations you can find at Buyukcekmece Army House, Leyla Turk, Plane Cafe and Albatros Restaurant. You can buy delicious foods from different countries that are right for your mouth at a reasonable price. Buyukcekmece Beach is one of the few places where you can get away from the bustle and stress of a summer getaway. This city is 5 kilometers long.
The Sancaklar Mosque was built by the architect Amir Arolat by the architect Emre Arolat in Büyükçekmece, a suburb of Istanbul, Turkey. Completed in 2012, ArchDaily was awarded the 2015 Building Religious Award for 2015.
Beykent University is a foundational university in Istanbul, Turkey and has teaching in English, Russian and Turkish with 29,401 students.
Life Education Higher Education Arell University Istanbul is a private non-profit university located in Istanbul Turkey. The foundation was founded in 2007 by the Kamal Gaskara Foundation for Education and Culture. Most of the teaching is in English and there are undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral programs.
Fateh University was a leading private university located in the Büyükçekmece metropolitan area in Istanbul, Turkey. Founded in 1996, it was closed by the Turkish government in July 2016 and is now part of Istanbul University.
The distance between Büyükçekmece and the Third Airport is 25 km. The distance between Büyükçekmece Airport and Istanbul Airport 3 is approximately 27 minutes. It is approximately 2 minutes from the city center. There are 5 ways to cross the Taksim Square to Büyükçekmece by ferry, taxi, car and shuttle.
yaksil yaka koru, MARINA 24, DIA MARE MIMAROBA, GÖlmahal evlerı, BATI MAHAL, COASTALCITY ….
There are residential projects in the area.

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