1. What is the HES code?

It is a that allows you to safely risk Covid-19 disease in your activities such as transportation or visiting a socially controlled living area. Share with organizations and individuals.You share can be queried through the app or through the services provided to HES code does not replace travel permit !!!

“To apply for a travel permit, you must apply through electronic E-DEVLET” during the time spent in places such as public transportation, public places. Covid-19 or our citizens can not use public transport by call. It will be used to inform you if other people you travel with later test positive for Covid-19.You have all the control over you generate. You can share or delete your for as long as you want.

2. How to get HES code?

HES code can be obtained in three ways,

  • Your HES code
    With Hayat Eve Fit Mobile app (iOS and Android),
  • Send a short message to 2023. Write the HES and put a space between them in order. T.C. ID number, T.C. By writing the last 4 digits of the serial number ID and subscription time (per day) and sending an SMS to 2023,
  • People who have a blue card or TC ID number starting with 97, 98, 99; By writing HES and creating a space between them; T.C. By writing the identification number, year of birth and time of subscription (per day) and sending an SMS to 2023,
  • T.C. Has passport information for people who do not have an identity or foreign identity (starting with 99,98,97) number; By writing HES and creating a space between them, by writing nationality, passport serial number, year of birth, surname, by sending short message to 2023
  • With E-DEVLET,
    Click on E-DEVLET,
    HES code transactions via E-DEVLET; You can generate, delete, query and view details.
    You can generate HES code for your children under 18 through e-government.
    You can take it.


You can create for your children under 18 through Hayat Eve Sığar, e-Devlet doors and SMS.

For quarantined people, you can track the end date of isolation through the Hayat Eve Sığar program or by sending an SMS to 2023 by typing KALANSURE “HESKODU”.

How to get HES code for foreigners?

Institutions and public organizations in Turkey where people work together, banks, PTTs, bars, notaries, etc. It has been decided that the staff of institutions, organizations and companies like these and people who visit such places Or come to receive services, are transferred to their workplace and processed by inquiring the HES code.

For this reason, foreigners coming to the Turkish Immigration Office must also have the HES code.

Write the HES and put a space between them in order.

By writing the nationality (IRN), passport number, date of birth (in years), surname and finally the number of days, you can get the for foreigners.

Example: HES IRN H99876543 1977 VAZIRI 7

Republic of Turkey with foreign identity card (foreign identification number 97, 98, 99 starting) persons;

Write the HES and put a space between them in order.

External identification number, year of birth and number of days that the HES code is valid can be received by sending an SMS to 2023.

You can get from the following links.


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