How is the value of land calculated?

Land pricing tools
You can quickly determine the price of your land by entering the parcel number at or finding your real estate on the map.

How is the value of the property calculated?

Determining the value of the valuation with the income reduction approach

The value of the investment is determined by calculating the net income of the real estate. For example, an apartment building that should be built on land. Rental and sales revenue to be earned by the landlord is compared to the cost of building the apartment building.

How to find the value of land?

You can quickly set your price by entering the package number at or finding your real estate on the map. Clicking the “Land” button below the General Status tab will give you information about the total price per square meter in the area.

What is the value of the unit price of land or Arsa?

Zoning peace arsa The unit value of land is actually the value known as the market value of the land. There are two ways to discover this number. The first and easiest of these is to ask questions by entering the required information on the government plan fair value request page.

What is the difference between ARAZI land and ARSA plot?

Terms confused with zoning law include “land” and “plot”. What is land? What is a piece? If you say what is the difference between earth and earth, let us answer immediately.

ARAZI land, in the shortest time, is expressed as a piece of land that is not zoned. Land boundaries are marked by hills, mountains, roads, streams, walls, forest paths, or landmarks.On the other hand, the ARSA plot is defined as a plot of land located in the municipal zoning area. Suitable parts for construction.

Areas such as green areas, roads, schools and hospitals are used for zoning in ARSA plots.

Arsa imarsız What is non-regional, İmarlı regional?

The plot of land located in the municipal zoning area is called Arsa. …
Zoned land appears to be the type of land on which construction is permitted. …
Land without zoning; According to the zoning law, reinforced concrete buildings cannot be built on “land without zoning”.What does IMAR 5% zoning mean?

The point to be considered in agricultural areas is that the construction permit should be given to a maximum of 5% of the zoned farms. Accordingly, 100 square meters of construction can be built on 2 hectares of Arazi. 250 square meters, high limit on farms … therefore; 300 square meters of construction in Arazi land with an area of 6 hectares can not be built.

What is the difference between Field and land?(tarla,arsa)

Arazi land; It is a plot of land that does not go through the zoning plan. … if it is Tarla; This land is defined as a limited and specific plot suitable for agriculture. Arsa; This is expressed as a piece of land that has the use of zoning and can be built on, without agriculture, zoning and remain within the municipality.

What is the value of the land (Arsa)?

The unit value of a zoned Arsa is actually what is known as the current market value of Arsa. There are two ways to discover this number. The first and easiest of these is to ask questions by entering the required information on the e-devlet fair value request page.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]What is the market price (Rayiç bedeli)?

The value of real estate (home, residence, land, land, etc.) that varies from year to year depending on current market conditions or supply and demand is called current value. In short, the value of buying and selling real estate in today’s market. What is the present value (Rayiç bedeli) that plays an important role when buying and selling goods?

What does it mean to be an ARSA land deed?


2 LAND DEED title document:

Not the square footage of the residence or workplace, but the amount of land in each residence / workplace. Circle; Land, vineyard, garden, number of farms. Slavery is established in the buildings to be built or to be built. This means that a building with building servitude is registered in the ownership document.

How to get Arsa land deed?

You can get the title deed by visiting the General Office of Real Estate Registration, such as a house, Arsa land, Arazi land, commercial building that belongs to you. To obtain a title deed, there are documents that you must submit to the General Office of Registration of Deeds and Property of your title deed.

Is it profitable to invest in parcel land (Arsa) or to invest in agricultural land?

Timing is important in investing. Short-term means investment of 3 to 5 years, medium-term 5 to 10 years and long-term 10 years or more. Depending on how much you invest in the beginning, it makes more sense to buy short-term and long-term farmland. Because if you buy at least 3 square meters of land at the price of 1 meter of land, if the value of the annual land increase is 15%, if we accept that your field is about 10%, there is a 2 times more value increase than one. In addition, if it is opened for long-term purchases for development, its packaging and sale at the price of land will make you a millionaire.

Businesses and individuals who want to build housing in the short term should naturally buy land in city centers. Zoning status, land shape and location affect land value and ease of sale. Therefore, pay attention to whether the piece to be purchased is square or rectangular so that the building can sit comfortably. In addition, check the mortgage status in the title deed by obtaining zoning and land maps from the municipality. Negotiate net space. Buying land at the price of a house, instead of buying a house with a high number, provides you with twice the price of land in a short period of time, such as 2 years.Corona epidemic changes real estate market: demand for land rises, land prices rise 40%

Farm prices rose more than residential land

Technology-oriented real estate appraisal and evaluation platform Overall in Turkey, with a 21% increase in residential land prices last year, a 25% increase in land price levels.

Talking to the world newspaper Index Founder and CEO of Shokooh Consulting, Turkey at a sale price of 548 lira per square meter; He stated: the selling price per square meter of farms, vineyards and orchards increased to 45 TL.

Consulting, Turkey will expect a 4% increase in residential land prices next year, while land prices, he said, are expected to increase by 2%.

109 thousand plots / land of arsa / tarla were sold in Istanbul alone

The point here when investing here is to choose areas that are free for development and also listen to the opinions of our experts as a Tommy real estate investor.

We wish you a peaceful and happy tomorrow.

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