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Sarıyer is the northernmost region of Istanbul, Turkey, on the European side of the city. Sar hugeyer district is a huge area that includes villages on the European side of the Bosphorus from Rumelifeneri, through Tarabya, Yeniköy, Steinieh, Emermark to Rumelihisarı.

Sarıyer is one of the areas located at the end of Istanbul to the Black Sea. Beykoz is located on the Anadolu side, and the Sarıyer area is on the European side of the narrow, key access point that opens to the Black Sea. Generous green space Ideal places like Emermark and Belgrade are ideal for those who want to escape the city atmosphere.
Located on the European side, Sarıyer is located near the bus stop and at the gate that opens to the Black Sea. Opposite it is bikos. You can reach Sarıyer via Taksim and Besiktas via 25T or 40B. You can also reach Sarıyer in 10 minutes by ferry crossing the Bikos dock. You can reach Sarıyer by minibus via Beşiktaş. Alternative to the ferry departing Eminönü and traveling on the Beşiktaş-Sarıyer route.
Duatepe Park: As the name suggests, Duatepe Park is built on a hill. It has views of the Romili Castle and the Martyrs Bridge of July 15th. Founded on a 19,000-square-foot land, the park includes hiking trails, bike paths and restaurants. Botanical enthusiasts often come to the park, where there are many types of plants and flowers to photograph. When traveling to the tower, built for educational and tourism purposes, the forest environment is unique. Since then, the tower has been built for bird lovers and watchers and can be visited for tourism purposes.
Irmak Recreation Area: For those who want to spend the weekend with a picnic, the Irmak Recreation Area, one of Belgrade’s Sarıyer Forest Recreation Area, is ideally located. There are also active recreation areas in the resort area that provide the municipality with the services needed for a happy picnic.
Atatürk Arboretum: Sarıyer is one of the richest areas in the park. Atatürk Arboretum is one of Sarıyer’s green parks. You can also have a picnic in an atmosphere enriched by natural beauty such as a swimming pool and pool.
Emirgan Grove: One of the most famous groves in Istanbul, Emirgan Grove is one of the sights in Sarıyer. For this reason, Emirgan Grove is one of the first places to visit in Sarıyer. The most crowded and colorful area of ​​the Tulip festivals is April. The area has exotic wood-fired restaurants.
Sadberk Hanım Museum: Located in the Azeri coastal mansion, it is important to be the first private museum. Founded by the Webb Foundation, the museum is dedicated to Sadrak Hanem, the wife of Webb Big. In addition to private collections of Sadberk Hanım; written and aesthetic artifacts and aesthetics of Islamic civilization.
Belgrade Forest: Belgrade Forest, defended as the heart of Sarir, is one of the oldest forests in Istanbul. With the aqueduct built by Myanmar Sinan, it has been found that Istanbul’s water needs are met by the river at the Belgrade forest border. The aqueducts are nowadays monuments visited by people who come to the woods for picnics and sightseeing.

Sakıp Sabancı Museum: A collection of works by various artists is on display at the museum, where the works of world renowned artists are on display. Visiting the museum is a must for anyone interested in art. Those with a museum card can enter for free.

Ural Ataman Classic Car Museum: Cars that must be visited by classic car enthusiasts are displayed from 1920 to 1970 in chronological order. The Ural Ataman Museum, which is among the most ideal museums to accurately observe the development and change of car technology, is housed in more than 100 classic cars.
Japanese Garden: A garden established in 2003 after further development of Turkish-Japanese relations. The garden, which includes miniature Japanese throat miniatures and a number of flower species, is right next to the Omega.
Romili Castle: Romili Castle, which is part of our historical heritage, was built to conquer Istanbul. The Romili Castle, built in front of the Anadolu Fortress, was built from the north to help cut off aid. The much-visited Romili Castle has a unique view.

Garipche Village: Among the most popular recent villages, a wonderful breakfast and fish party in Gripche is waiting for you. With its historic homes, beach and greenery, it welcomes those who want to escape the stress of city life. Visiting the Third Bridge was flooded and the village atmosphere itself could fascinate you.
Kilyos Beaches: Most of Istanbul’s summer beaches are located in Kilyos. It is possible to have a great swimming experience on the beaches of Scrimma or Solar. There are green areas around the coast, which are very crowded in summer. This is one of the ideal addresses for picnics and swimmers.
Bahçeköy: Bahçeköy, one of the most visited districts of Sar greenyer, provides huge space with rich greenery and vegetation. In Bahçeköy, where there are hiking trails for hikers, you can also find services for various activities.
Yenkoy: This is one of the lush areas of Sarir. In this neighborhood

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