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About ProjectKordon İstanbul Project

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Starting From $81,000

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Starting Price : From $81,000

Type : Residence

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Number of Rooms : 1+1    1+2    1+3   1+4

Project Land : 27,000m2

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Total Units : 559

Area : Sariyer

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About Kordon İstanbul

[/vc_column_text][us_separator type=”short” thick=”4″ color=”custom” bdcolor=”#6d6d6d”][vc_column_text]EgeYapı Kordon Group’s new project in Kağıthane, Istanbul is on the rise. The project includes 559 residences and 55 stores. Studios in Kordun Istanbul are 41 to 43 m متر, 1 + 1 with 64 to 84 m ،, 2 + 1 with 110 to 139 m ،, 3 + 1 with 167 to 170 m ،, 3.5 + 1 with 175 to 180 m متر In this project, the smallest store is 50 square meters, the area of the business units is over 250 square meters.

Ege Yapı, the brand of award-winning projects that add value to the region, launched the Cordon Istanbul project, which started with an investment of TL 820 million at the Maslak and Kağıthane meeting points on the revived Dam Abad beach. Istanbul’s Kordun will increase in two stages by investing TL 820 million at the intersection of Kağıthane and Maslak, on the banks of the Sadabad River. Designed by Cordonbo of Izmir for the Istanbul Cordon Project, 200 apartments are offered for sale in the first phase. More than 4,000 applications have been received during the initial application process for the project, which has been targeted at medium and medium target audiences. Sales in the project began with the launch. Each apartment is located in a different block in Kordun Istanbul.

H. İnanç Kabadayı Chairman of the Board of Ege Yapı said: Once completed, the Damabad Creek Rehabilitation Project will be an active living center with uninterrupted trails and cycling as well as many sports fields. The project is designed to bring together the Eip and Sarair forests with the Golden Horn in the presence of the green corridor and transform the area into a green ecological zone. Upon completion, a 9km green corridor will be created consisting of green and blue connecting the historic fabric to the modern fabric. The area is becoming the center of Istanbul’s most important transportation projects. The outlet attracts the world’s first 3-storey bridge with easy access to major arteries such as the Deckville Line, Metro and Hawara Lines, E5 and E6 and regular transportation schedules. In addition, the district, Levent 9 minutes, Mecidiyeköy 10 minutes, Maslak 5 minutes, Taksim and Beşiktas 5 minutes can be reached in just 17 minutes as a convenient location. Beyond the social amenities of Cordon Istanbul, the proximity of universities, hospitals and shopping centers in the vicinity make residents feel the true meaning of living in downtown Istanbul. “The first phase of the project is completed. Secondly, the sales continue rapidly.

Lowest home price: 570 thousand liras

Price Range :

Prices start at 570,000 TL

Project information

Building Company: Ege Yapı
Project Type: Residence, Office, Shop
Number of resorts: 559
Living area: 27000 square meters
Housing types: 1 + 0, 1 + 1, 2 + 1, 3 + 1, 4 + 1, 3,5 + 1
Living Area: 41 – 180 square meters
Delivery Date: June 2020
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Abeer Najjar

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