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Shishli is a prosperous area with luxurious hotels, fashion boutiques and shopping malls including Istanbul Cevahir Market. Ataturk Museum is the region’s first president.

Shishli on the European side is a very central and modern town. From a financial point of view, shopping and the arts and culture can be considered as a center. In the late 19th century, magnificent mansions began in the area. For this reason, it has become an elite neighborhood. Today, these buildings are replaced by tall buildings. But it still contains many historical, cultural and natural values.
The Şişli Mosque is located between Abide-i Hrriyet Street and Halaskar Gazi Street. The mosque was built in 1949. It has a large courtyard and a magnificent view. The structure is covered with three half domes. This mosque, still open for worship, is one of the most spectacular places to visit.
The Ataturk Museum is located on Halaskar Gazi Street. Also known as the Revolution Museum. Formerly one of the places where Mustafa Kemal Ataturk lived, it now serves as a museum. It is referred to as the pink house in Ataturk’s diary. The museum opened in 1942. Here are pictures of Ataturk’s life, personal belongings, clothing, paintings and various documents.
Teşvikiye Mosque is located on Teşvikiye Street. It is one of the symbolic structures of the region. It was built in 1854. The monument was built by Sultan Abdulmalid. Located in a very large garden, this mosque is surrounded by two Nice Drills. The architecture is quite remarkable.
Do Dimitri Church is located in the liberation area of the area. This structure has survived to this day. At the entrance of the building there are four columns, with its architecture prominent. Inside, wood-carved ornamentation and gilded symbols draw visitors’ attention. Today the church is open every day of the week.
The open-air theater was built in 1947 and is located in the Harbiyah region. The theater is an important cultural and artistic center with semicircular living areas to see the scene. It hosts many concerts and shows every year. It is very large in terms of capacity.
KüçükÇiftlik Park is next to the Maçka Park. This is the largest event area in Istanbul. Many local and foreign artists give concerts here every year. This is one of the fun environments with plenty of space. The Maçka Demokrasi Park is next to the Küçük Çiftlik Park. Its interior is covered with greenery and layout. At the beginning is the breathing points of Istanbul. The park is spread over a large area between Masha and Nishantashi. There are many types of tree species as well as two sports equipment parks, a children’s playground, cafes and restaurants, an artificial island and countless pools. The park dates back to the mid-19th century.
Osman Bay, the street name comes from the governor’s mansion. The very central street is a busy hour. There are shops along the street. In this way, Istanbul has become a prime location for shopping. There are also cafes, restaurants and entertainment venues along the street.
The Beaumont Beer Factory is the first local brewery in the Ottoman Empire. The factory was opened in 1890 and worked for many years. When the factory announced its name, it gave its name to the neighborhood. The plant closed in 1991 and remained vacant until 2015. Renovated in 2015 and transformed into a social area.
There are a total of 25 neighborhoods in the Şişli area.
Şişli Universities, Bahçeşehir University – Haliç University – Işık University and Istanbul Okan-istanbul Bilgi Universities.
The distance between Şişli and Taksim takes approximately 26 minutes.
Nişantaşı is a large residential area that sells international and local brands. Art Nouveau buildings are located in the area. The wide sidewalks of Abdi Apechchi Street are lined with cafes, while the curtains are surrounded by bakeries and local markets. Mecca Park has shadowed the trails. The distance between Şişli and Nişantaşı is 18 km. The distance between Şişli to Nişantaşı İstanbul will be approximately 27 minutes.
The distance between Third Airport to Shishli is 41 km. The distance between the airport and Shishli takes approximately 45 minutes.
From residential projects located in the area:
Quasar İstanbul.NUROL TOWER.TORUN CENTER.NOW BOMONTI.MINT şişli.SKY residents ……….

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