Company registration in Turkey

Company registration in Turkey You need a company registration for any business and economic activity that can range from opening a shop to a trading company. In fact, every foreigner in this country needs to register in Turkey to start a business. Registering a company in Turkey can be a lucrative move and will earn a good income.

If you are looking to start a new business, Turkey will be a good platform for you, but on the other hand, this is not a cheap way to get a residence and passport.

Types of company registration in Turkey

Limited Liability Company: The company must have between one and 55 members. The cost of registering such a company is about US $ 2100. This amount should be in two currency accounts, one for the manager and one for the company.

According to shareholder rules, each shareholder will determine both the profit and loss based on the share he or she initially had in the company and will only claim as much as the amount of their shares in the event of a bankruptcy.

Both Turkish and foreign nationals can be executives of the company. These people may not even be shareholders of the company.

Joint Stock Company: Under Turkish law, companies with fewer than 250 investors are called private equity corporations, and the cost of establishing and registering them is about US $ 2800.

If a company has more than 250 investors, it is called a public corporation. The amount of each share in these types of companies is equal and each shareholder will share in the profits and losses of the company. By law, representatives of the Ministry of Commerce must also attend the General Assembly of these companies.

Mergers and Acquisitions: In mergers and acquisitions, only one or more designated shareholders are liable for losses and losses of the company and the remaining shareholders are only responsible for their initial capital.

Collateral: In these companies, all the partners are responsible for paying off the company’s debt, even if the amount is higher than the company’s total capital, stock and value.

Financial and Credit Institutions or Currency Exchanges: Financial institutions are also a corporation. The only difference with the corporation is that you need to obtain the authorization to register and establish these companies. These companies need to be consulted by an experienced lawyer.

Enterprises in the Free Zones of Turkey: This company is for people who have chosen the purpose of producing goods for their company. These companies will receive and be supported by the government with good facilities and grants. You will be introduced to areas where you can buy land for an affordable price. In addition, you receive government support to build nests, hire workers, insurance and tax.

What is a company registration in Turkey?

Registering in Turkey despite the name is not difficult at all and you can own a company in a few days and the passport is the only document you will need.

The steps to register a company are as follows:

  1. Specify the location of the company
  2. Setting up a company statute that clarifies the purpose of its establishment
  3. Official translation of the Partners
  4. Passport and their approval at the
  5. Turkish Register Office
  6. Choosing an auditor to do business related matters
  7. Receive and fill in company registration forms
  8. Receive corporate members tax number
  9. Obtaining the Statute of the
  10. Company from the Official Offices of Turkey
  11. Registration in the Chamber of Commerce
  12. Print in the official newspaper
  13. Obtain a power of attorney and signature copy from official Turkish offices
  14. Establishment of the form of the Turkish Treasury
    Form submission to the Asset Office
    Inspection of the financial office of your company office to verify the address
  15. Receive company tax number
  16. Get a business card
  17. Certification of accounting offices
    Opening a bank account for the company
  18. Introducing an Official Financial Advisor

Documents required to register a company in Turkey

  • The passport of all partners of the company along with their official translation
  • Two three-in-four color backgrounds with bright background
  • Suggest a few names for the company
  • Statute of the company in which the field of activity of the company is specified
  • Amount of shares of each partner
  • Company Manager Appointment
  • Provide an address as the corporate office address

Costs of running a company in Turkey

  • Cost Accountant
  • Cost of salaries and insurance of employees and other members of the company
  • Cost of renting or buying office space
  • Cost of water, electricity, telephone and internet company office
  • If rented office space, 23 rent tax
    income tax
  • Costs of official offices and its seal in the asset management

Benefits of registering a company in Turkey

  • You don’t need to leave a partner
  • It is possible for Iranians to do all the business without any restrictions.
  • Working and investing in Turkey will bring you a history of international business.
  • Income tax in Turkey is much lower than in Europe and the US.
  • You don’t need much money to get started.
  • You will benefit from government support in registering the company.
  • The cost of living in this country is lower than in European countries.
  • You can obtain a permanent residence permit in Turkey after 5 years.
  • You can get a credit card and have a bank account.
  • Turkey is a short distance from Iran and will not leave you in your hometown.

Important points about registering a company in Turkey not need to obtain a residence permitbefore registering a company and you can apply for registration without having a Turkish residence permit.
You do not need a business office to register a company. You can even register your home address as a business office with the Registry.
Your company can ultimately have two general headings. These two titles can be completely unrelated. As a trading and medical company
Registering a company is not a long process and it can take up to ten days.

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