Construction in Turkey

Construction in Turkey is one of the country’s most important economic levers. In recent years, Turkey has been able to showcase itself in the world with incredible growth in construction, including major projects such as the construction of Istanbul’s Third Airport, the Third Bosphorus Bridge, the Gulf and the Blue Marmara Tunnel. Future experts know the construction sector in Turkey

What is construction in Turkey like?

Turkey began its importance in the construction and investment sector in 1980 and has continued to this day. It has managed to create millions of jobs in Turkey by building shopping complexes, bridges and airports.

This has not always been the case in Turkey. Prior to 2000, the Turkish real estate industry faced many challenges. It was less likely to find a home with affordable mortgages and rentals, and most homes were old and outdated and more likely to be damaged by home appliances.

This issue and the huge difference in Turkey’s place of residence with the global level worked in its favor and opened the door to lucrative investments. Thus, the country has been able to improve its construction industry and make construction in Turkey one of the most important gears in the Turkish economy.

Construction in recent years in Turkey

Construction in Turkey has been well-received by 2019 and has made it possible to purchase housing by offering different packages for the disadvantaged.

Given the rise in the price of materials in 2018 and of course the rise in housing prices in the country, recent years will be a good time to buy property in Turkey.

It is interesting to note that the development of the tourism industry in Turkey in recent years has been one of the best and most important factors influencing the growth of the Turkish housing market. Due to increasing migration in Turkey, the construction market and housing sales in the country will be hot.

Given all of these factors, investing in housing and construction in Turkey can be profitable for those interested in investing.

What is it like to invest in Turkish construction?

For foreign investors, the Turkish housing market is one of the safest, most lucrative and attractive markets for investment. By investing in this sector, you will be able to easily obtain a residence and even a passport, and even worry about where to live, in addition to making sure your money is returned.

Foreign investment in housing has increased dramatically in recent years, and there is still the potential for more investment.

Keep in mind that your investment in housing must be conditional on you being able to obtain a Turkish passport.

If you want to invest in construction and housing in Turkey, you have three options:

Ongoing Projects: Homeschooling can be an attractive option for investors who want to make less money and make more money as well as have time to wait. If you are one of these people, be sure to research the manufacturer first. Don’t be fooled by advertising and search for all the right terms and consult with legal advisers if necessary. You can visit here to learn more about this method.
Land: Buying land is only offered to those who have sufficient knowledge and skills in the field. There may be a problem with the document if the land price is unusually low. The land purchased must have a 6-dong document with one share. If your document has multiple shareholders, you will not be able to do anything without the consent of the rest of the shareholders, and you will be given preference for adjacent shareholder land for sale. It is also advisable to have trusted civil and legal advisers in this position.
Prefabricated Buildings: It may be safer than other options, but you still have to carefully research the existing sensitivities so that the purchased property is in a good and growing area and you can be assured of the profitability of this investment.
Apartments in Turkey can have major differences with Iran. In Iran, for example, one can easily find apartments of more than 300 meters, but in Turkey most of the houses are villas or duplex apartments.

Another thing to know is that Turkey does not spend much time and expense on the exterior of the buildings and this is the budget and time spent building the interior of the apartments.

Most of the rich in Turkey live in towers, but it’s interesting to note that the average person in the community can also afford to rent these houses. Because there are lots of towers and newly constructed buildings in Turkey, especially Istanbul, and most landlords are willing to rent these buildings at low prices and leave the house empty.

As mentioned earlier, investing in housing and construction in Turkey can be very profitable and secure. The only prerequisite for securing the benefit of this type of investment is having sufficient information on all the issues and aspects of this issue.

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