The best Recruitment Sites


The best recruitment sites in Turkey

These days, with the advent of traditional hiring technology, it is not possible to go to newspaper ads and find a job for former fans. Job sites as well as virtual networks have replaced the traditional approach in this age. You can make a resume by visiting these sites and find the one based on the resume of your favorite job.

Internet sites for employment in Turkey

In general, finding a job in Turkey is not an easy task. Of course, this can be very easy depending on your skill and expertise. In Turkey, hiring Turkish people is a top priority for migrant workers. Migrants are divided into several categories in finding work in Turkey:

  • Foreigners who are not particularly fluent in Turkish and lack special skills. These people are often hired as laborers and are usually given preference for local employment with a place to sleep. Unfortunately, most of these people are illegal workers and work without a license. Most of them eventually return to Iran because of fraud or difficult working conditions.
  • People who have very simple technical skills can find a good job with a high income. People like welders, electricians, hairdressers, etc. Most of these people do not return to work in Turkey and are hired.
  • Specialized and literate people who have immigrated to Turkey with a degree and are employed. There is not a lot of job opportunities for these people, but if they can find a good job, they will be in good shape and one of the highest-paid in Turkey.


Social Networks

In the first phase of Internet employment, it may not be bad to remember to take social media seriously. You can make your resume stronger on these networks or even get a job. These networks have an unknown power that is still unknown to us. If you look right you will find that all of them from Facebook to Twitter are full of job ads that can be even safer and more secure than job ads.


Career is one of the best job sites in Turkey. It’s interesting to note that this site not only helps job seekers find the right job, it also helps employers find the right employees.

Another interesting part of this site is interviewing celebrities and their success stories.

This site also includes vocational training and helps you build a good resume and get the job you love.


Yeni Biris is one of the oldest job sites in Turkey. On this site you will be able to find your specialized job.

In addition, the site uses highly effective filters to offer the right ad to the job seeker, and you can find a better job by using them with less search.


Xing is one of the sites that is more like social networking sites than other job sites. The site is also known as “Job seekers Facebook”.

In this social network, rather than being the primary focus of activity, it is important to build a business strategy. You can also add members of your favorite company to friends and use their advice to find the job you want.


The online element is one of the most popular jobs in Turkey for the young generation. This site will give you some things you haven’t heard of before. This site is one of the most up-to-date and has the latest jobs and requirements. It’s easy to use and you can easily post ads on this site.


You may be the type of person who is not sure about internet ads and is always afraid of a huge scam lying around. There is also an inaccessible offer for you, and this is the Secret CV site. This site is for people who want to be safe. In fact, the biggest thing that this site does is to make sure that the company and the business are trustworthy. You can simply trust the ads on this site.


Eskur is a government-run job site in Turkey. In fact, this site has no more ads than the rest of the sites and no more of them help the job seeker find their ideal job. But all the job seekers are just like a tradition on this site.


LinkedIn is the most famous job site in the world. This site is more organized than all its competitors and offers more benefits. Employer and job seeker profiles, resumes, and personal and business information are constantly updated, and you can find everything you need to work with users on this site.


On this site you can see job ads next to people’s comments. This site is the best option for people unaware of everything. There are various articles on this site that will help you in finding a job or in your specialty and skills. In addition, highly qualified experts can help you get started.

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