Avrupa Konutları Yamanevler

Project Status: Ready to Movie

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About ProjectAvrupa Konutları Yamanevler

Welcome to the best-selling project in Istanbul
The Avrupa Konutları Yamanevler project has taken control of the unique Turkish real estate market as it has become the best-selling project in Istanbul. Due to the luxury, convenience, and cost-effectiveness of this project, many investors are interested in investing in this project. This project is to provide the best possible space for residents who are looking to live in a complex. Modern, smart, and vibrant, built.

This project has sold faster than expected due to its unique benefits and services. This project guarantees the desired lifestyle for you and your family

The first phase of the project is built and ready for delivery.

The second phase, with its rapid success in the premium units market of this project, is almost accompanied by a private balcony between the units. This project includes different types of apartments that vary from 1 + 1 to 4+1 and the whole varies from 100 to 215 square meters and has a luxury identity with a unique style.

It is a children’s paradise project! In addition to all the social facilities, this project offers many additional facilities for your children. Outdoor playgrounds, sports fields including basketball courts, football fields, and large parks are accessible at all hours of the day.
The experience that this exceptional project offers is very suitable for families who are looking for a healthy and active lifestyle at the same time.

Location of European Konutları Yamanevler

The Avrupa Konutları Yamanevler project is located in the heart of the Asian part of Istanbul. The project area is known as the central location in the Asian part of Istanbul due to its convenient access. The proximity of urban centers and public transportation makes access to this project much easier. Within a few meters of the project, you can find shopping malls, financial centers,
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